goodbye summer

October 17, 2008

good morning! apparently, summer in NC just ended. the temperatures hovered in the 80s all week and now the forcast is filled with highs in the 60s and chilling lows into the 30s and 40s. i know, we’re spoiled here. but it’s still quite a shock to my completely wimpy system!

AM entertainment
according to’s quiz, i learned that my DH alter-ego is lynette. this is good, because she’s probably the only one on the show who is neither crazy nor evil. so, now i can breathe easy and go about my day. i was worried i would get bree instead (we’re both a little type-A).

contrasts and a project
i can’t believe it’s friday already! sadly, there will be only one more week of this fabulous elective lifestyle (made slightly less fabulous by the fact i have to work at the community hospital NICU this sunday). soon, life will become much more regimented and exhausting for a 4-week stretch. i have an idea for how i would like to apply some of the principles of mindfulness to this next experience, and i plan on writing about it. more details to come in a future post . . .

interview excitement!
i mailed my fellowship applications tuesday evening, and less than 48 hours later i received an email from UNC inviting me for an interview! this completely made my day. i can’t wait to find out more about their program! it’s so weird, i feel like SO recently i was just interviewing for residency.



workout: 5 miles with tempo segment, on the treadmill @ 0.5% incline
– 1 mile @ 8:57/mi (warmup)
– 3 miles @ 8:12/mi. this felt pretty good, not too hard.
– 1 mile @ 8:57/mi (cooldown)

cooking: i love both authentic indian and indian-inspired cuisine. this cooking light recipe (from the october ’08 issue) for red lentil dal and spiced rice pilaf with raisins was delicious (and pretty photogenic, i think!). i am excited to bring some for my lunch today! recipe is on the sidebar link. last night, this was served with some patak brinjal eggplant relish and some TJ’s whole wheat pita (that unfortunately was rather freezer-burned). it would have been good with some plain yogurt, too, but we were out!

studying: i took a break from my step 3 cramfest. back to work today, though!

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    thrilled about the interview

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