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October 3, 2008

the week
i did a great job with my AM workouts this week but pretty much ignored my other big goal for the start of my new rotation, which was to do some reading each night. i also took an unplanned week off from cooking (ie, we lived off of pizza). but i’m actually okay with all of this. i haven’t had a break from a VERY heavy work schedule since july, and this week was really a chance to breathe a little, to relax and get some rest. we have a really fun weekend coming up (details below) and i think i am just going to forgive myself for eating takeout ‘za and watching entourage rather than studying and cooking healthy-yet-gourmet cuisine this week. next week i’ll focus on my academic goals (and hopefully keep up with the AM running as well!)

the weekend
i am very excited for this weekend! josh and i are going to drive to charlotte after work tonight to meet up with my blog-friends kath and matt from! we’ve only met once in person, but i feel like i ‘know’ them much better than that from following kath’s cuisine-focused blog. we’ll all be running charlotte’s race for the cure on saturday morning (well, josh will be spectating!). i personally am not planning on truly racing because i am not really in 5K shape, but just running a strong fun 5K. from there, we’ll move on to the great grapes wine fest, and probably MORE wine later that night!

on sunday, i have a 12-mile run planned (that i might actually do in charlotte before driving back??) and then we will come home to do some relaxing catchup time. it is the first weekend josh and i have had off TOGETHER since july – i really can’t wait!



run: 6 miles in the AM on the treadmill, tempo style, 0.5% incline:
– 1 mile warmup @ 8:57/mi
– 2 miles @ 8:20/mi
– 1 mile recovery @ 8:57/mi
– 2 miles @ 8:20/mi


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