October 4, 2008

some VERY EXCITING footage from this morning’s race:

ok, hope that wasn’t TOO disappointing!

i had a blast, even though i ran a full minute slower than my best 5K times (a 24:24, or 7:52/mi pace — at least it’s a cool number!). now i’m all motivated to get my speed back! the lovely and famous kath ran an amazing PR at 23:26 — smashing her all-time record by more than a minute! her husband also smoked the race in blazing 20:39 (basically, faster than the speed of light). also running as part of team KERF (see kath’s blog for details — the team actually had more than $1000 of donations) was melissa, a glamorous news anchor from greensboro (you can see her in pictures below). she actually get the hero-of-the-day award for running this race only 2 weeks after her first half-marathon in maui (LUCKY).

the race itself was fun — a bit crowded in the beginning, but then great weather and a course with enough hills to be interesting but not torturous. i kept myself occupied playing random pump-up music ranging from m.i.a.’s “paper planes” to kanye’s “stronger” to queen’s “we will rock you” (a race-time classic). i sort of died in the 3rd mile — my splits were something like 7:40 (crowd dodging), 7:30, and 9:10 for the last 1.1 miles. i am pleased to announce that my polar monitor got a value of 3.08 miles for the 3.1-mile race, which is close enough for me!

we followed the race with an oatmeal-fest at kath’s house (check out all of the toppings!), and we are of course headed to the big wine tasting later today. i was going to designatedly-drive, but we might take the bus instead . . . all that wine is definitely tempting.

also, the MOST AWESOME HUSBAND award goes to josh for photographing and cheering us on in the race. he rulez.

photo gallery!

kath and me before the race:

melissa, kath, and me post-race (note the disheveled hair):

looking sleepy on the light rail

KATH’s oatmeal fest 2008!

and yes, it was as delicious as it looks

ok, time for some WINE! wow, i had forgotten how much REAL WEEKENDS rule.

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  • Reply Heather March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Hi, I have another comment.

    I just did my first 5k and listened to the MIA song, too. Such a good beat.

    Also, thanks for the comment on the 5 ingredient challenge.I would like to do that challenge. I think it will be in the back of my mind this time around, but I really think I need a mental break from reading ingredients. My goal is to eat things that don’t require me to read them first.

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