thanksgiving success!

November 28, 2008

i was a little nervous about the turkey. fine, i was extremely terrified of the turkey. the huge bird, taking up tons of fridge space, soaking in brine — it was all just very foreign and intimidating. and a little gross. fortunately, with the help of s. (the stuffing aficionado — she even secured it all with a paper clip!) and my surgeon husband (who found the whole deal ‘a little too anatomical’), we got it done.

the meal in pictures

our resident carving expert

a turkey on my desk!?!!

bottle of fantastic spanish sauvignon blanc

appetizer table: stuffed mushrooms & spiced pecans

my sister HARD at work dismembering brussels sprouts

the spread! clockwise from top left: stuffing, cranberry sauce, cider-pan gravy, brussels sprouts with pine nuts and currants, turkey, and (the most fabulous) sweet potato casserole


rebecca’s amazing pear-ginger mini-cheesecakes

it was a great night and i feel proud that we pulled it off! my sister and i are now off to philadelphia for Part II of vacation. i am SO glad i have monday off (the chiefs gifted it to me to make up for the fact that i was post-call the first monday!). time to create a playlist and hit the road . . .



run: i had an excellent thanksgiving long run! 12 miles total on the tobacco trail, with a ‘race sim’ 6 miles at the end.
the first six were ~ 9:00 – 9:20/mi pace, and the last six were average 8:21/mi, with the last 2 8:09/mi. it was beautiful out and i really enjoyed it — it got me excited for my half in just 2 weeks!

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