December 17, 2008

so for 5 or 6 weeks of the year, as peds residents we spend time on what is called jeopardy call. this means that we go about our business on nice electives, but if someone from an essential rotation gets sick or has to miss work for some reason, you are pulled out of la-la land to cover their (more important) job. i made it through intern year without a single significant jeopardy call, but yesterday morning — right after i wrote my happy little post — it finally happened. jeopardized.

i was on the treadmill 2.7 miles into my 5 mile run and my pager went off. i pretty much knew it meant i was going to be pulled — but i was decidedly unthrilled to find out that i was pulled:

✓ to get there ASAP
✓ for a 30 hour call shift
✓ with no intern for the first morning
✓ and to give an impromptu presentation — with applicants watching — the next morning while post-call.

i did 0.3 more miles to make it an even 3 (i know, someday i will receive karmic punishment for that) and headed in. and actually, it wasn’t THAT bad. the poor resident who i was covering was clearly ILLIN’ with something flulike and non-work-compatible, and i had an interesting grey’s anatomy-esque admission that i got to present (it had drama! emotion! a fun medical twist!). the downside is that we got 8 jillion admissions and i slept for a sad, short 30 minutes.

so if this post makes no sense, that’s why.

and now i know what it is like to be jeopardized. let’s hope it never happens again.