7 degrees

January 17, 2009

well, that settles it. clearly, i am meant to spend the day hibernating in my apartment with the heat working overtime. i don’t know that i’ve experienced 7 degree weather since i left williamstown, MA over 6 years ago. despite having an enjoyable college experience, i have absolutely no nostalgia for the feeling of frozen snot in my nose. winds from the south, come save us!!

dinner fun
i had a great time last night at tupelo’s in hillsborough with kath & matt, tracey & jeff, allie & dan, and becca. it was a fun and diverse group, from power bloggers to dessert chefs to up-and-coming duke students. we all bonded over our love for delicious and interesting food, and there was no shortage of conversation. josh sadly was on call. i missed him, but it was good not to be sitting home alone pining away on a friday night!

so, for those of you who were sitting on the edge of your seats wondering what i ordered (as if!), i ended up going with the bayou voodoo shrimp. i was just too curious about the beer reduction sauce, and when i saw that i could get it with baked sweet potato, the decision was a no-brainer.
i was very happy with my selection — it was warm and comforting, the sauce had a great savory taste, and the ingredients all tasted very fresh. i also had a piece of cornbread with honey butter and a glass of sauvignon blanc from south africa. all in all, a great meal and i definitely want to go back. hillsborough sounds far away and we don’t often think of heading that way, but it’s actually not much farther from here than the heart of durham (where i drive to work every day!).

all of us after dinner . . .

and then dressed up in our heavy winter gear to brave the NC outdoors!

marathon news!
so i have some marathon news! i had been planning to run the new jersey marathon on may 3rd. it is a flat course, it isn’t TOO far from my parents’ house in philadelphia, and it seemed like a fun excuse to hit the beach in the springtime. however, i’ve experienced post-marathon travel enough times to know that getting on a plane is pretty much the last thing i feel like doing after 26.2 miles of running.

i recently found out that there is another marathon that same weekend — on saturday, may 2nd — that is only about an hour from my doorstep!
it’s in high point, aka the furniture capital of the USA. the course was just changed from a hilly mess in greensboro to one in neighboring high point that is ‘flat to gently rolling’ per the race director, with the promise that the last few miles will be hill-free. while i do have a few trepidations about running a newish race with a brand new course, i think it will be worth it for the convenience of being able to drive home afterwards and be stretched out in bed before the slowest participants are off the course. yay!

and finally
i may have just started my day with the purchase of the jacket below for $70 (marked down from $250). while i still like the trench coat that i posted a few days ago, this little jacket is more ‘me’ and will probably be more flattering as well. i know that technically i shouldn’t be buying my PICU present before i’m finished with the rotation, but by the time it comes i will probably be done. and at that price, there really was no time to waste.



workout: postcall — 45 minutes on the elliptical, levels 9 – 12.

reading: after my night out, i spent 25 minutes reading an article on fevers in the january peds in review. yes, i am officially A HUGE NERD.

floss report: yeah, baby.


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