slow start

January 25, 2009

i am still reeling from the fact that i am now DONE being a PICU resident, forever, and that most likely, there will be NO 30 hour shifts in my future for at least the next 5 months! i am so excited to resume life as a normal member of society, sleeping in my own bed every night, and not waking up each morning at an obscenely early hour only to dread dragging through the rest of the day in a sleep-deprived haze.


so it’s already noon on my day off, and i’ve gotten exactly nothing done, other than make a small dent in my vast chasm of sleep debt. my goals for the day are pretty simple:

– long run
– get life back in order

i guess i should get started.

new tv favorite

27 years ago, st. elsewhere was hot — the grey’s of the early 80s! josh just introduced it to me now, and we netflixed (is that a verb yet?) the first season. it is pure awesomeness! young ( & cute!) denzel washington, REALLY old-school ventilators, and residents that were actually RESIDING in the hosiptal — amazing how much (aside from denzel’s attractiveness) has changed!



workout: 7 miles total, incline of 1 at my apt complex’s treadmill
– 2 mi @ 8:57/mi
– 3 mi @ 8:20/mi
– 2 mi @ 8:57/mi
followed by 20 minutes of easy stretchy yoga.

reading: none, on purpose! i’m taking this weekend off, but will resume monday!

flossing: ok, so here’s the thing — i never got to lie down at all on friday night on call. so i didn’t floss until i got home, on saturday morning. does that still count? i did manage to floss it up before passing out post belgian beer fest last night, so . . . that’s good. i think i will consider my streak still unbroken.


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