workin’ 9 to 5 (or close to it)

January 26, 2009

good morning! seriously, it IS. i’m still up relatively early (‘cuz that’s how i roll), but this time it’s so that i can run before work and relax afterwards! i’m starting a new rotation today called behavior & development, which entails learning about the care of children with behavioral/psych issues and/or developmental delay. it should be an interesting month and the hours are fantastic — ie, i’ll get to live like a normal person!

i’m super-excited to have lots more time for marathon training, because my mileage will really be picking up over the next few weeks, as well as getting back to more cooking for doin’ time and maybe attempting to rebuild some semblance of a social life.

yesterday’s lazy sunday was a great start. josh and i basically did nothing all day, but we did nothing together, and that made it all the more fantastic. i slept about 9.5 hours, then hung around eating a very leisurely breakfast, and did some very slow, non-efficient cleaning of our apartment. finally, at 3 pm we (yes, WE!) headed out to the durham tobacco trail for a long run, knowing that our hours with the sun were numbered.

glorious long run
and the run was awesome! josh actually came with me for the first 6 miles (a distance the former cross country star has not run in quite some time), and despite being worried that the cold would do us in, it really felt good once we were warmed up. my pace felt smooth and even and my effort easy, even when i picked up the pace for the last 3 miles (the run was a special fast finish long run on the schedule that i’m following). the stats, according to mr. polar (and in agreement with the trail’s mile markers):

miles 1 – 3: average 8:55/mi
miles 4 – 6: average 8:51/mi
miles 7 -8: average 8:40/mi
miles 9 -11: average 7:59/mi for the last 3 miles

overall average pace: 8:36/mi for 11 miles. not bad!

for anyone looking for some fun new workout music, girl talk‘s album feed the animals was the best soundtrack for the second half of the run!
the group basically just mashes up a million familiar songs into pure, slightly silly/ironic FUN. a full list of the tracks sampled can be found here — the songs contain stuff ranging from ace of base to kanye west, and queen to avril lavigne. i definitely recommend.



workout: the aforementioned 11 mile long run.
total miles for week: 29 (all crammed between thursday & sunday. oops)
additional workouts: strength x 1, yoga x 1. i did miss one weights workout — we’ll just chalk that up to picu madness.

floss report: check.


  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    ah the acting like normal people feeling, what a thrill, things like shopping, visiting friends, eating a leisurely breakfast.

    I know it well

  • Reply Siobhan March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    yay!! i’m so proud of josh! it must have been nice to have him out – like old times.. and 8:36 – pretty good for being so tired..

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