night flow

March 9, 2009

whew, i really need to get back to morning posting! my thoughts just don’t flow as nicely at the end of the day. i commemorated the lost hour of sleep from last night with a long nap on the couch this afternoon. in fact, i may have come out ahead, sleep-wise. this is good, because i am ready to re-enter society as a healthy, strapping, productive, bright and shiny participant in the medical community, and it will be good to start out rested.

i feel like the last 2 weeks were just . . . bad. my hip hurt, the weather sucked, i got sick, night shift was scary, and josh was never home (he is on an incredibly hard and stressful burn unit rotation right now and his hours are horrendous). while josh is still not going to be home much for the next few weeks, i am ready to turn things around for myself.

tomorrow begins a very easy week for me. due to the magic of scheduling, i have only two shifts in seven days, plus one half-day of clinic! i’ll be paying for it later (the week after), but i can’t complain. this is a perfect chance for me to regroup and get a lot of loose ends tied up, such as:

☑ work on figuring out which project i will want to pursue for fellowship
☑ work on quality improvement project
☑ get the random crack in my windshield fixed (seriously, where did that come from!!??)
☑ doctors appointments (including the ART chiropractor)
☑ taxes!

one thing i am absolutely itching to do is to get my butt back into the gym. 10 days with no workouts other than a smattering of yoga has left me dying for a good cleansing sweat. i wish i could say that my hip felt great and that the rest really worked, but it still hurts. hopefully spinning and using the elliptical won’t bother it too much — i am hoping to get my daily endorphin dose through these.

okay, i’m off to read more of my latest haruki murakami novel, kafka on the shore. this will be the fifth murakami i’ve read, and i really, REALLY love his writing style and his mix of the mundane and the fantastical. his characters make me think about how i’m living life and how the choices we make really end up shaping us. while i am also going to make a point of going back to academic reading tomorrow, i will not neglect this book. every time i get into reading i wonder why i don’t do it all of the time!

good night!

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