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March 27, 2009

differential diagnosis: narcoleptic vs. tired vs. lazy
after a short, very easy day at work, i ended up passing out on the couch at 3 pm yesterday despite a growing to-do list of calls to make and errands to run. while a normal person’s nap might have lasted, say, an hour, my body does not understand the whole nap concept, and when i woke up it was 7:30 in the evening. oops?

i think i’m still a little bit faux-jet-lagged from having to change virtual time zones from working nights in the ER to days in the clinics. or, i’m just the laziest person ever. and don’t worry, the 4.5 hour nap did not prevent me from sleeping just fine last night.

i know, i know. not normal. but i feel good today! ready to take on my list, and the rest of life.

zen reminder
i came across a nice article on my morning perusal of google reader (blogs go so nicely with coffee and breakfast!). leo babauta from zen habits, a blog dedicated to living and enjoying life in a mindful way, wrote about “beating the misery of discontent”. in this post, he discusses the way that perspective shapes our happiness, and suggests simple ways of turning things around when it feels like you are just slogging sadly through time.

while it may seem too easy, i completely agree with him that small things such as making time for exercise, decluttering, and consciously doing nice things for others can truly make a difference in your way of living (and your happiness level). i like that he reminds us to enjoy the small moments, no matter what you are doing. just reading his post made me look forward to my day.

and now, i will commence folding laundry. mindfully folding laundry, that is. happy friday!



workout: 5 mile run (on the treadmill — 0.5% incline) at average of 8:57/mi. this felt fairly good although i can feel my hip a little bit more today. i actually think that maybe running outside is easier on my injury? interesting.

i also shredded. i think next week i’ll start with level 2 although parts of level 1 still make my muscles scream. ouch.


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