viral invasion

March 2, 2009

yesterday morning i felt okay — a little sore throat, but i figured that was from shouting at the fabulous restaurant we had gone to on saturday night. but by the time i hit ‘publish’ on yesterday’s lengthy post, i could tell that no, there was more to it than that. thanks to all of the lovely durham children with upper respiratory viruses who graced the ER’s presence last week, i’m sick. lethargic, feverish, rigorous, achy, sore-throat, hacking-cough sick. one of the sucky hazards of my job is that i get sick a LOT, usually every 3-4 months or so. i guess since my last cold was in december, i’m due. i’m waiting for the day that i become immune to everything, but so far — no dice.
of course, all ailments call for a little perusal of for some germy fun. i hope i’m not dealing with the little one-eyed monster above: mr. influenza! i did see a patient with known flu the other day. she actually came BACK to the ER because she ‘still had a fever and felt bad’ at 3 am. i reminded her mom that really, that’s to be expected on day 3 of the flu, and we sent her home.

hopefully she didn’t leave me with a little going away present. by the way, just so you know, i ALWAYS wash my hands or use our hospital’s anti-microbial foam before and after touching every patient. my hands are raw and ripped to shreds to prove it! but somehow, the germies sneak in anyway. i’m actually rather grossed out by it all. at least i have yet to get a GI bug from a patient!

SO. in other news, it’s white outside! today is not an official snow day for me, but i did call in sick. i still have a fever and feel like crap, and since all i have is AM clinic i did not feel the need to push through just so i could expose everyone to this mess and suffer in the process. i seriously doubt anyone would have shown up anyway — there are a whopping 3 inches of snow on the ground in durham. i’m surprised the clinic was even open, but apparently they are pressing on.

if i am up to it, my goals for the day are to:
• make the apartment less of a disaster
• update my blogroll! (long overdue)

we’ll see how things go! bring on the ibuprofen . . .



workout: i took advantage of an advil-induced break from the chills ‘n’ sweats to do 20 minutes of yoga — i couldn’t miss the very first day of tina’s yoga challenge! the practice i picked — gentle hatha yoga #1 from was focused on flexibility and relaxation rather than any sort of workout, since that was all i was up for. it was nice and felt like good medicine for my hip. i’m so freaking inflexible though that i want to cry. in my cheerleading days, i used to do splits without even flinching– both sides! i’m not sure i’ll ever be that flexible again, but hopefully more stretching will help me improve.

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  • Reply Jess March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    You poor thing, first the hip and now sick. I hope both get better swiftly. Good call on staying home.

    I know you don’t have much time, but ART would probably help your hip a lot, even if it’s tendinitis. Just google “active release technique” and the national site should pop up and you can find a practitioner from there.

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