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April 16, 2009

sorry if yesterday’s post was TMI. i have to say that compared to many things i have seen on others’ blogs, discussing the aroma of pee is pretty tame. and no, this is not because i have a taste for raunchy websites! in particular, running blogs seem to have the grossest stories, with mommy blogs not far behind.

anyway, i’ll make an effort to be less offensive today. and, we won’t even get into anything remotely clinical! instead, let’s talk about fun stuff, such as shopping and books.

wrist candy
one might be surprised to learn that i don’t currently own a watch. most of the time, i just flip to my pager or cell phone when i need to know what time it is, and i have a pretty reliable internal clock as well. however, there are times when a watch — particularly one with a second hand — would come in handy, such as when i am trying to measure respiratory rate in a punky-looking newborn or tiring asthmatic.

anyway, i’m not in any hurry to get one, but i came across these in a magazine and thought they were cool:

the only possible caveat is that they are unisex and may be a bit clunky for my little wrists.

i like this one, but — no second hand! watch pictures from

in which i bit the bullet and bought a running skirt
i don’t exactly live an ascetic lifestyle, but when i post about things that are cool or that i want, most of the time i don’t actually follow through with the purchases. trust me, this is a good thing, as i used to have a bit of a shopping issue as a high school/college girl. interestingly, now that i’m less poor, i don’t feel the urge to empty my checking account in the way that i used to.

i’m no saint, however. last july, i posted about wanting a running skirt. i never bought one. but i saw a girl running in a skirt the other day, and it looked so nice. also, i realized that maybe my skirt-eligibility years are numbered (is there an age limit on these things?). really, as i see it, the time is NOW in my life for running skirts.

so i bought one.

i chose the above sugoi stamina skirt for a few reasons.

■ i really like the sugoi brand — their stuff tends to fit me well and in my experience is very well-made
■ it is not the shortest or longest option
■ i like the wide waistband and contrasting piping
■ i like the iPod/key/gel pocket

so, we’ll see if it actually fits/looks acceptable. i won’t have it in time for the charlottesville race, but i plan on wearing it to the NC marathon if possible. i will definitely post pictures/review once it comes!

kafka on the shore
i finished this book this week (only took me 2 months!). i really love reading murakami. his books put me in a peaceful mood, and they are so engaging. his formula of mixing the mundane and the fantastic/bizarre with a twist of sexuality/romance is just . . . it just works for me. i often enjoy the less ‘eventful’ parts of his books more than the stranger parts, but the whole package is satisfying. so far, i’ve read:

■ norwegian wood
■ the wind-up bird chronicle
■ after dark
■ what i talk about when i talk about running
■ kafka on the shore

i haven’t decided what i want to read next. there are many more murakami books to go through, but i think i might need to try something different for a change. maybe non-fiction? i have heard good things about malcolm gladwell’s books (blink, the tipping point, and outliers). i have asked for suggestions before, but i’m always looking for new options. one caveat is that i would prefer titles not related to medicine in any way — i need the escape!



workout: 30 minutes elliptical intervals + 15 minutes cycling intervals, and a 20-minute hatha practice from yogadownload.

reading: finished the dental modules! hurray!

doin’ time: instead of cooking, josh and i decided on an impromptu date! he has today off and i’m practically on vacation (don’t tell the ACGME) so the timing was right. we went to jujube in chapel hill — i had forgotten how good it was (denise, if you are reading this, it made me think of you & A since we went there together a few times)!

i had a refreshing glass of new zealand sauvignon blanc, and we shared some vietnamese salad rolls which were marred only by the inclusion of cilantro (which i hate). my main course made up for it, though — duck confit, sauteed greens, and butternut wontons! SO GOOD, i’m having flashbacks just writing about it.

flossing: yes


  • Reply aron March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I keep thinking about a running skirt too but I have SO MANY shorts that I dont want to get hooked on the skirt 🙂

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I’m a beeper cell phone timepiece person too

  • Reply Court March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    just want to let you know my pee smells *exactly* like asparagus when I eat it. I thought I was the only weirdo out there! I loved that post.

  • Reply JennyN March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I had to buy asparagus and do a test. No smell, so I am either a non secretor or a non receptor. Asked the husband and he had never thought about a smell either, so he is the same. Just in case you were curious. 😉

    I have two running skirts. They make e feel “cute”. That is sometimes good, sometimes bad. But I love passing men in races in a skirt.

    Are you running the NC marathon? I am in the “speed phase” of Pfitz now and I am struggling with getting the intervals done with a running stroller… Should be extra good training though…

    Good luck on the half tomorrow!

  • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    jess: yes, i do have a running watch — it’s part of my Polar rs200SD. but it’s big and just screams, “RUNNING WATCH”. i guess there’s nothing stopping me from wearing it to work except for the ugliness factor.

    jennyN: oh i’m so excited i inspired an asparagus test! you are so cute. so i am running the NC half (not the full) but again just to run it, not to race. i was sidelined for hip issues too long this time to be able to do any real race training. you are awesome pfitzing again already!!

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