night float: not that bad

May 31, 2009

sipping bella rosé on the porch on a warm may evening* (while blogging): really, it doesn’t get much better than this. from our favorite winery that we visited, just last week . . . seems so long ago already!

maybe my weird schedule isn’t so bad, after all. i’ve been SO lucky that the past 3 call nights have been very light — only one admission so far and only minimal action between the precious sleepy hours of midnight and 6 am.

what can i say? it’s just been slow. pediatrics has such a seasonality to it, and we’re in a lull between winter viruses and summer injuries, cellulitis, and enteroviral meningitis. with only 4 to round on this morning i actually called one of the interns and told them to stay home because our census was so light — i rounded on her patients and wrote the intern notes instead. let me tell you, no one EVER did that for me as an intern, but i know i would have appreciated it big time!

so, the first week of night float has pretty much flown by, and quite painlessly. 2 more left . . . i hope the easy trend continues.

the decemerists
i am going to take advantage of my night owl schedule and go to see the decemberists with my sister this week! i’ll be post-shift, but i won’t have to go in the next day until 5 pm. i have a horrendous habit of buying (expensive) concert tickets and then bailing because i just don’t have the time/energy, but this time i am determined to go, and have a great time.

doin’ time
is about to commence. maybe josh will help me as i whip up some beef tacos with avocado salsa . . . only 8 dinners worth of recipes left in the ‘spring’ section!

* and now i have a giant welt of a mosquito bite on my hand. some sort of nature tax for trying to enjoy the outdoors, i guess. oh well.



workout: 8 miles on the tobacco trail. i don’t have exact paces, because i spent some of the time calibrating the footpod, but splits ranged from 8:30/mi to 9:30/mi. i was definitely impaired by the heat by the end of the run. it really does make everything harder! i need to start earlier if i want to run faster, but i needed to sleep in because of my shift starting at 5 pm.

reading: i finished the hormonal contraceptives article. it was actually pretty interesting — apparently there are biodegradable implantable contraceptives now — pretty cool!

no: i did not floss on call. oops. but i did take my contacts out for once, and that was pretty awesome. i know i need to just learn to embrace my glasses on call nights, but it’s hard! i miss my peripheral vision too much, and i still think the superthick lenses make me look freaky. but i should get over it because it’s not like i’m a raving beauty in scrubs with bags under my eyes at 2 am anyway.


  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    we need visual assistance with the image of glasses, bags under the eyes and scrubs

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Glad things seem to be going smoothly. I swear the mosquitos down hear have more of a bite than the ones in New England.

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