June 28, 2009

photo recap: surf city
5 overworked female residents (2 medicine, 2 pediatrics, and one med/peds) set out for the beach yesterday morning for what turned out to be quite a long day trip . . . and it was lovely. it was 100% worth it to feel like we were away from it all — and i did! — even though our getaway was brief.

one thing i love about the NC beaches is how easy it all is! you just drive up (there was minimal traffic), and can park just footsteps from the shore and walk right onto the sand. you don’t need to purchase tags for beach access (ie, like the jersey shore), and it wasn’t even all that crowded despite yesterday being a beautiful summer weekend day. i definitely want to go back soon.

perfect day:
thanks to the magic of the zoom lens, i was able to capture my friends frolicking in the waves with a bunch of vacationing marines! personally, i was unable to coordinate hitting the ball and not being pummeled by waves at the same time.
towel central. note the essential reading material that our group of scholarly MDs enjoyed on the sand
classy! a summery, refreshing chenin blanc
not as classy.
goodbye, beautiful ocean!
for dinner, we had no plans or reservations and just randomly picked beauchaines 211 because it looked cute from the outside and was right by where we parked. it turned out to be an excellent choice! i would definitely go back.
only one thing was missing for me: JOSH. while it was fun to get in some girl time, i really missed him and kept wishing he was there with me. i definitely want to plan another day trip in the near future, this time with both of us together. if only we could coordinate our days off just a little bit better . . .

sunday morning
thankfully i have all day to recover from yesterday’s sun-drenched escapade, including getting the house/my life in order for next week. and quite a week it will be . . . on monday i get to work with brand new interns on their first day ever, and i’m expecting at least minor chaos — it’s true what they say about avoiding hospitals in july! then, on wednesday i switch over to a different team altogether (again with brand new ‘terns) and on thursday i’ll be on call, working my first 30-hour shift since january.

it will be an adventure, no doubt about it.

i’ve had this blog for nearly half a decade, but it has not always been super-consistent. however, on june 29th, 2008 i decided that i wanted to start posting every day. though there have been a couple of rough spots, today marks 365 consecutive days of posting! i am really glad i committed to daily blogging. i love the routine of writing each day, and clockwork blogging takes the pressure OFF in some ways — it made me realize i didn’t have to always start out with something specific to say.

thanks to the readers and commenters who make this all the more fun. seeing comments pop into my inbox always makes me smile! and if there is anything you would like to see more (or less!) of on ghost world, let me know! i aim to please. well, sometimes, anyway.