letting go

July 13, 2009

id wins
on these call months, life really is a delicate balance. sometimes, it feels right to dig deep and just suck it up, whether that means squeezing in an AM run or cramming in a quick, focused reading session. other times, i know that in order to prevent internal combustion., i need to give into the fatigue that inevitably comes with 80-hour work weeks and just do whatever the hell i feel like.

this weekend — today especially — fit into the latter category. after i finished work in the early afternon, there was an inner voice telling me to “JUST GO TAKE A NAP ALREADY!” i’m pretty sure it was id‘s high-pitched shriek i heard . . . maybe she surfaces on some sort of 28-day cycle? anyway, who was i to ignore such explicit instructions? i slept, and i slept hard. for 3 hours, missing a run, weights, errands, and more.

the end result is that i’m feeling more relaxed, but less prepared for the onslaught of a new week. thanks to josh (best husband ever!), our apartment is presentable, but i did NOT make it to the grocery store, and that does not bode well. hopefully tomorrow will be a decent workday and i’ll be able to swing by afterwards.

id eats
speaking of balance (or lack thereof), tonight i have consumed the following:

☆ 1 glass pinot grigio
☆ several pretzels with hummus
☆ one brie and strawberry jam puff pastry
☆ 2 hush puppies
☆ (the best part) 1 regular-sized local yogurt, plain with blueberries and granola.

everything in moderation except moderation, right? hopefully this meal (if you can call it that) won’t get me kicked out of next month’s summit.

id shops
the other bag is on its way bag to orla headquarters. however, with josh’s encouragement, i decided to get a different bag from her on-sale collection:

while this is not a replacement for the leather beauty that i had to send back — finding that will be more of a long-term project — i think this will be great casual bag for running errands and the like.
of course i needed matching stationery.
no, i did not buy this one. but i just wanted to show off the new fall/winter 09 pattern!
didn’t get these either. but id tried.
or this. but i think i could rock it! just saying.



workout: 7 miles, alternating each miles between easy & tempo paces (9:13/mi @ 0.5% incline for easy pace, 8:12/mi @ 0.5% incline for tempo). all while reading marie claire.

reading: has been dismal lately. this is an area in which i need to do more sucking up.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    ooo i actually really like that dress. i just checked the orla site and i think i might have just found my new procrastination tool. thanks )

  • Reply Susan March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    I was telling my boyfriend about the summit, and I remembered that there&#39s an AWESOME bakery/pastry shop in Boston. Then I thought that perhaps summit-goers might not be as excited about that as I am!

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