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November 25, 2009

still not a full recap
but i have not yet forgotten about the amazing dinner we had before leaving philadelphia! just one day before we dined at distrito, chef jose garces was named the next iron chef!

we worked our way through the tasting menu and enjoyed every morsel of it. it was obvious that garces truly EARNED his title! we are preparing to invade EPCOT so i am going to have to forgo the bite-by-bite recap, but check us out in our (traditional) VW table:

compared with last year’s version, you will notice several differences:

a) my sister is replaced by josh (sorry, rebecca!)
b) i am dressed better (thanks, anthro!)

the food, however, was still spectacular. and with josh at the table we came closer to finishing all of it!

disney magic
because it really is MAGICAL that we spent the entire day with margaux (3), max (2), and ellie (8 months) without a single real meltdown or temper tantrum. this is because they are good kids, and also because my inlaws are SUPERPARENTS.

i mean, really. how amazing is that!?

the kids enjoyed the rides, including pirates of the carribean, jungle cruise, and of course the ever-lasting dumbo ride and carousel. however, i think they had the most fun just exploring the territory and climbing all over everything.

case in point.

if you can believe it, we made it all the way until 9 pm, fueled by determination, ice cream, and a little bit of fairy dust. the post-disney crash was amazing – i just slept 9 hours!

today we conquer EPCOT, my favorite part of disney. as silly as it is, i have such nostalgia for the norway ride and the streets of ‘paris.’ hopefully the kids will hang on for one more day . . .

run report
for the record, monday i had a great interval run — 7 miles total, with 6 x 800m ranging from 7:20/mi to 7:40/mi pace. today, josh and i did an easy 4 (well, he did 2), and tomorrow we are running an impromptu race in miami! i’ve never done a 10K, so it will be a PR (and PW) no matter what.

either way, it will be an excellent counter to the pumpkin pie i am planning to consume . . MMMM can’t wait!

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  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    enjoy epcot! great interval run too, great way to prep for that 10k

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