striking that vacation balance

November 27, 2009

vacation respite?
after a whirlwind of family fun over the past 5 days, today josh and i spent several much-needed hours just doing NOTHING — or close to it. fine, we watched 2 weeds episodes and took a luxuriously long, totally unnecessary nap. but it was actually the first time the two of us have gotten to have any real together down-time during this vacation! i LOVE visiting with my family and my in-laws, but there’s something to be said for just pure relaxation and doing nothing time.

it’s hard to strike this kind of balance on vacation! after all, i finished work at 11:30 pm on friday evening and we were in philadelphia before we were even really awake on saturday morning. it’s been wonderful and so exciting to see both sides of the family and go on so many adventures, and i don’t regret any of it! but i’m also ready for some simpler, more routine days —

■ back to AM running on my favorite routes
■ normal blogging breakfast routine!
■ not living out of a suitcase
■ all of my staple foods i know and love (i totally have peanut butter withdrawal syndrome)

i wish i had another week of vacation so that we could spend a few more days here AND THEN transition back to our regular lifestyle . . .

photo finish
okay, this clinches it: I WANT AN SLR.

version #1: blah

version #2: yay!

pretty impressive difference, huh? they were taken one right after the other — first with my 3-year old digital, and then with josh’s cousin’s SLR. personally, i am sold! when we do decide to purchase one, i am going to make it a goal to really LEARN it — via the manual, a class (?), and lots of experimentation!

and because it’s black friday

anthropologie, i don’t know whether to love you or hate you for bringing to my attention all of these beautiful dresses that i SO DON’T NEED! arghgh.