resolution countdown: #6 in focus

December 27, 2009

pretty as a picture
whoever made up that phrase never saw my attempts at photography! over the past year, i’ve definitely started taking way MORE pictures than i ever had before. of course, many of those shots are of doin’ time project dishes, but i’ve also taken some shots of more interesting subjects:

niece margaux chowing down on thanksgiving turkey
i’ve made SOME progress with my photog skills: my hands are steadier, and i know to use the macro setting and NO FLASH for food pix! however, i am definitely not satisfied with the quality of my pictures and would really like to learn to take better ones. so there you have it — resolution #6.

in line with this goal, like every other blogger out there, i would like to get — and learn to properly use — a DSLR. i’ve wanted one ever since i saw the difference between these two photos from thanksgiving — done by the same photographer (josh’s talented cousin nikki!), but one taken with my camera, and the second taken with her nikon digital SLR.

canon digital rebel XSi. image from amazon
while santa did not bring me a DSLR for christmas (nor did i expect him to!), i am planning to get one. i just signed up for a NICU moonlighting shift at the end of february, and amazingly the pay for that shift will more than cover the cost of a canon rebel or nikon version (although i just looked up the cost of a macro lens, and WOAH!).

i definitely plan on doing my research before buying — and i’m not putting ANYTHING into my amazon shopping cart until i have finished the painful-yet-lucrative NICU shift. it’s the only way i can justify buying myself such an expensive gift! but i do use our camera every day, and i feel like it would be well worth the $ and effort put into learning to using a new and better one.

a night living the chic life
diana, who writes the blog the chic life, was in town with her husband dan for the holidays! i met diana at michelle‘s party in charlotte 2 weeks ago (and michelle i met through kath) — see, look how social blogging has become!

diana and dan met us (yes, josh was off of work!) for dinner at one of my favorite casual joints in durham, rockwood filling station. we enjoyed delicious food and had a great time!

glass of red zinfandel. AHHH WINE, PIZZA, AND CONVERSATION! perhaps my favorite combo.
arugula salad with pine nuts and shaved parm. lemony and refreshing.
white pizza with spinach and ricotta on a whole wheat crust
bolognese pizza, topped with arugula — ie, the MAN PIZZA
some shared chocolate tiramisu! supercreamy.
me + chic diana



workout: 4 miles on the TM before work – speeds from 6.5 – 7.0 mph, 0.5% incline. i didn’t shred because i was still sore from yoga! hopefully today.