living vs. having

January 8, 2010

do more, buy less!

picture from happy living magazine. yes, really.
according to an article in last week’s new york times, there is a new trend emerging in america: people are buying less, and doing more.

apparently, accumulating stuff is out, and investing in experiences is in. meaning: even in the current economic slump, movie sales, museum attendance, cooking (yay) and many recreational activities are up!

my favorite quote from the article is:

“now I am having fun working on projects around my house, even if it is just pulling weeds or taking my dog, Amos, for a long walk.”

seriously: how mindful — and effortlessly so — is that?

as the weekend approaches, i am trying to come up with some fun EXPERIENCES to enjoy with cara (i only have a limited time frame to lure her to the area, after all). so far, we have on our agenda:

☑ a run (cara says the temperature “feels great”). okay then.
☑ local yogurt!!!
☑ baking cupcakes
☑ maybe a yoga class?
☑ possibly a movie
nasher museum? i’m sad i missed the picasso exhibit, but the warhol polaroids sound really interesting/cool.

of course, buying hasn’t lost its luster altogether
the first thing cara said when she walked into the closet was “you hardly have any clothes!” SEE, josh?

the second thing (or close to it) was, “you would love” and she was right! HELLO anthro knockoffs at deeply discounted prices. while i am all for experiences, fashion friday is still fun. here are some of my favorites:

mulled wine dress, $52.99

hot off the press dress, $49.99

city snowstorm dress, $49.99

rain-belt bright dress, $47.99
i love how the names are even anthro-esque! i would definitely try ordering from modcloth in the future. my only concern is that the S-M-L sizing, but if little cara has had success, i should be able to as well.

off for a super-quick run, then student health all day. tonight: revolution with cara, jessica and her husband, and long-lost josh. it’s been a lonely week without him!



workout: 30 minutes yoga for runners from yogadownload. they are having a 40% off sale, by the way, until january 11!

cuisine central: none — i was at an applicant dinner! i just can’t QUITE whip out my camera in that setting.

reading: while in clinic waiting for patients, i read most of the january issue of peds in review, including articles on heart failure, vaccines in the immunocompromised, and some cases.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Love those middle two dresses especially!

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    those dresses are awesome. and i must say that although i&#39ve been able to resist temptation so far, you might just be the downfall of the small amt of money i have haha 🙂

  • Reply Bridgette March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Unrelated to your current post, but I found a freebie you might like:
    free workout mix (you have some of this already, I&#39m sure) from subway (

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