oh baby!

January 18, 2010

baby talk
AHHHH! how cute is ciaran? (i love his name, too).

getting this guy to laugh = easiest thing ever
we had a wonderful time yesterday with siobhan + jeremy getting to know 7.5-month-old ciaran! he has quite the personality — laid back, easily entertained, but super active. it was hard to catch him in focus sometimes, he wriggled around so much.

yes, he IS a rockstar.
in s + j’s honor (they used to live basically across the street!) the four of us feasted on east chapel hill comfort food: loop pizza, and then whole foods cherry pie — at siobhan’s request.

at WF, josh got the closest approximation to coke that he could find
we had so much fun just hanging out and catching up — it was just like old times, except with ciaran interjected his “ahhhs!” and “ohhhhhs” into the conversation (plus one near diaper disaster . . . whew).

jeremy inquired about the antique medical text on our bookshelf:

i informed him that i was using it to study for boards. the bacon remedy, duh — that’s always on there!

ciaran even managed a nap on our carpet — i was impressed. it was bitterwsweet as always to reunite with such good friends knowing that they live on the opposite coast now, but siobhan and i are scheming about meeting at a destination race sometime this year. somewhere . . . in the middle? cara, chicago is a distinct possibility . . . we’ll see!

much-awaited debut
the biggest baby news yesterday was the arrival (FINALLY . . . 41 5/7 weeks!?! or something like that) of our 3rd niece maelie.

SO LITTLE . . . and so new. wish i could see her in person!
bake (or eat) for haiti

diana from the chic life has organized an online bake sale to benefit haiti. it will be auction-style, and 100% of proceeds will go to the red cross relief fund.

if you are interested in baking, drop diana a line — she’s still looking for contributors! if not, just consider this a heads up that tasty baked goods (including some from SHU box kitchen, of course) will be for sale in the near future. i’ll post again when it’s sale time!

long run, rescheduled
i got 2 miles into my long run yesterday before i decided that doing it in driving rain? was sucking. hard. i actually am off today, so decided i might as well take advantage of the much, MUCH lovelier day predicted.

true to prediction, the sun is beaming out the window. i think i made the right choice.



workout: 2 miles, not sure of pace . . . before quitting. i’m counting it as a rest day!

reading: finally i opened the books back up. 45 minutes working on my PCOS presentation (for tomorrow).

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