August 9, 2010

a higher gear
there’s the regular ebb and flow of every day, and then there’s overdrive. i had to shift into high gear this weekend. i traded my regular ride . . .

in for this little number:

sleek, fast, and totally impractical, this hot mama gets the job DONE.

okay, not really. how crazy would i be following up two budgetthemed posts with the announcement that i ran out and bought a TT (they sure are pretty, though).

instead, what i meant to illustrate with my (slightly forced) car analogy is that sometimes the regular, practical stuff just has to be thrust aside for laser-vision focus on what really needs to be done NOW. don’t get me wrong — i am happier puttering around in my golf most of the time!

but this weekend, there were endo patients galore and i had a presentation to write. i had to cast some of my regular routine (including planned to-do list items) to just go for broke and just GIT ‘R’ DONE, as some of the natives here might say.

i left board prep in the dust and skipped the weights at the gym yesterday; the laundry is only half done and our fridge is pretty much empty. this is not the way i typically aim to start the week, but the important parts are finished (excuse me, “R DONE!”).

and now it’s off to work (yes, this early. i want to see how much i can GIT done before the day really begins in the hospital . . .). at the end of the day, i get to trade the flashy model back in for my comfortable old faithful once again — my to-do list of BIG Projects will be done with, and i will be off of the night-time on-call pager for 2 weeks.

i plan on celebrating with a little of this . . .

and a little more of this:

ahhh, freedom will be sweet.

coming up
— some endocrine themed posts
HLS planning! um, anyone reading this have any fun plans for chicago? because i haven’t gotten a chance to figure anything out yet! tomorrow . . .



workout: in times of crisis, i still crave my cardio. actually, i think it is probably the one thing that best helps calm me down in the midst of chaos. 45 minutes elliptical, levels 9-12. i only got paged during this once . . . so ready to work out without one!

josh strikes again! ANOTHER night of being taken care of! i am used to taking care of him since his schedule is usually much harder than mine, but this weekend the tables were turned and he was amazing. ♥

and so were these buffalo bleu cheese hot dogs we had for dinner with arugula/fig/bleu cheese/walnut salad. a perfect sunday night dinner in.

project corner: obviously, some things had to go by the wayside this weekend, but i think i did okay. i still need to work on being more relaxed on call — it’s hard!


  • Reply haya March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    when are you getting into chicago?

    i am hoping to do one of those architecture boat tours, which have come highly recommended by at least 3 different sources. i also kind of want to go to the threadless store. other than that, i am leaving things kind of open!

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    can Josh enlighten us on where to find these fabulous sounding hot dogs?

  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    I&#39m not a big city girl, but I love Chicago! You are going to have a great time! The Lakefront Area is popular (and probably quite safe) for running. Boat cruises are good. It&#39s fun to walk up and down the Michigan Ave (where all the fancy stores are). You probably won&#39t have time for any of this, but the Field Museum, the Art Institute and Museum of Science and Industry are all fabulous.

  • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    haya: i get in on thurs! i would love to do a boat tour – thurs during day or friday?
    threadless sounds good too. actually we should hit a fun stationary store too if poss =D
    ohhhh and i&#39ve never hit up a lululemon 🙂

    email me or tweet me and we can make some plans!!

    chelsea: museum of sci and industry sounds cool! i should have SOME free time there since summit is mostly sat. thanks for the rec!

    anon: i bought &#39em actually – a while ago! they were @ whole foods. i dno&#39t remember the brand but i&#39ll look into it for you (they were buffalo chicken/bleu cheese).

    ok back to work 🙂

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