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August 30, 2010

mondays are a-okay
well, good morning! i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: i heart mondays. at least, i heart them when i’ve had a chance to do all of my workweek-prep over the weekend and i especially love them when they mark the end (rather than the start) of my week on call. don’t get me wrong — by thursday, i’m usually ready for a break (and i have to fight the urge to focus on the future days off rather than the current happenings). but mondays are a-okay!

speaking of call (and when do i not?), this past weekend ended up being much better than i envisioned it to be. all of the triangle-area diabetics seem to be sailing along ketone-free, as far as i’m aware. perhaps it’s a little beginning-of-the-school-year motivation for some of our less-compliant teens to start sticking to their regimens?

whatever the reason, i had time to get a lot of things done! importantly, i straightened up my work area, which is a little cluttered even at baseline (as much as i pine away for some beautifully well-lit minimalist home office straight out of apartment therapy . . . we’re not there yet). i realized that not having a clear surface to get my studying done/write patient notes/etc was actually hindering my ability to work, because there is nothing pleasant about having to shuffle around a bunch of debris to find a piece of paper or create a usable space.

where the magic happens:

yes, my ‘office’ is in the kitchen. it’s all about multipurpose in our one-bedroom apartment!
precious desktop real estate
thanks to a functional work area and my new pens, i was able to churn out a lot of the backlogged studying from the week before. and it was even somewhat enjoyable! it’s amazing the difference these seemingly small things can make.

baby shower fun
i spent yesterday afternoon at a baby shower for one of my good friends. they are cheesy and a little silly, but i actually LOVE baby showers — the girly conversations, the cute presents, ridiculous games, lots of talking about babies in general, and of course delicious cake.

this one was no exception.

we wore teething rings around our necks and played a game where you were not allowed to say the word ‘baby’ . . .

lacking much of a verbal filter, i was NOT any good at that game. rebecca here was the winner!
we played a game where you had to match baby pictures to party guests, which i thought was cute (and hard!)

anyone have a guess as to which one is me?
my crowning achievement was winning this celebrity baby names quiz!

apparently all of those years of us weekly subscriptions paid off!
and of course there was cake:

carrot cake (i brought it from the mad hatter) was requested by the mom-to-be and it seemed to be a hit!
and i think she liked the gift i brought:

if only anthro had a baby line!
it was definitely a fun way to spend the afternoon and wrap up the weekend.



workout: 9 miles (i went outside with my phone on page — and didn’t get one call!) in chapel hill, ~9:30/mi pace. i was feeling slow and it was hot (i didn’t leave as early as i should have).

making do: i had planned to make salmon tonight, but there was pasta and random avocado that was just languishing away in the fridge . . .

i’m trying to be less wasteful, and this was a perfectly serviceable dinner. dressed up with some sautéed shallots and fresh arugula, it was even kind of good.

board prep: genetics and A/I sections plus 30 PREP questions this weekend — check-SWOOSH!!!


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