May 31, 2011

“one more dayyyyy . . . “
josh and i tend to wail this at the end of every vacation — a slightly pathetic battle cry, but from the heart. normally, it’s all talk; in residency, you don’t get to add an extra “personal day” to your schedule on a whim, just because you feel like it.

but i’m not currently in residency, and i don’t start back in the hospital until wednesday [ie: i wouldn’t need coverage to take an extra day off]. so when it occurred to me that still had 4 vacation days left that i didn’t use this year . . .

. . .i figured i might as well make it 3!

even if i do plan to spend half of the day on work . . .
for a number of reasons, june is going to be an extremely busy month, and therefore i want to be armed + ready as i head in tomorrow.

nordic trek
see, yesterday was SUPPOSED to be the big catch-up day — time to settle into our new space, do laundry, and stock the fridge with something other than white wine and peanut butter [the current selection of “essentials”]. but josh had bigger dreams.

and when i say “big”, i’m talking about grand, vaguely swedish adventures at a furniture store located 2 hours to the west.

i’m talking meatballs and lingonberry.

i’m talking modular shelving and [shockingly affordable] couches.

i think you all know where i am going with this one . . .

IKEA pilgrimage!! [source]
because the closest IKEA is in charlotte, for us a trip to this budget scandinavian superstore is fairly exciting. we are currently in the process of shedding our remaining med-school era [read: things we are having trouble giving away even FOR FREE] furniture, and are in the market for:

✰ a couch
✰ an entertainment center of sorts
✰ dining room chairs
✰ a desk for me
✰ a coffee table

we looked at west elm, crate + barrel, and even took a glance at design within reach [so gorgeous — and so our style — and so not within reach. yet.]. but the big blue and yellow label lured us in with its modern styling and reasonable pricing yet again.

for example, josh really wants a leather couch. i want to not spend 2 months of income on . . . something to sit on.

although sometimes i wonder if we don’t end up at IKEA mostly for the meatballs.

[and this salmon was pretty good, too!]

and with that
i’m off to get started on the above list. and my writing for today’s retreat activities! already looking forward to the solid 8 hours of rest i have planned for tonight . . .



workout: traipsing around multiple furniture stores.

retreat report: i would say day 1 was a success — i got in lots of hydrating H20 and consciously RELAXED* [completely against my natural inclinations] on several occasions throughout the day.

* josh helped me with a few gentle reminders!

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