taking a break

June 11, 2011

still low
quite honestly, i’m still feeling down and just — not really myself. mornings are better, i am functioning at work [if not a little testy at times], and then i come home and cry. seriously, it’s quickly becoming a matter of routine — and not one that i like.

last night, josh suggested that i take a break from . . . well, this. the blog. the internet. facebook [which, by the way, is a freaking MINEFIELD if you are having a frustrating TTC experience].

i hesitated. normally, writing is one of the few times i do feel motivated and inspired — definitely a flow activity for me! but lately — i think i may just be using it as a vehicle to stew in my own [rancid] juices, perseverating on how i’m NOT living up to my own expectations.

so, break it is . . . for a week. even though i haven’t missed a day of posting in nearly 3 years, through 2 years of residency and almost a full year of fellowship. and right in the middle of the retreat, too — although perhaps that is actually somewhat appropriate!

i am going to attempt to go as unplugged as possible for the next 7 days — no blogging, no reading blogs, no facebook, no twitter. i will still check email, so you can contact me via the comments or here.

summer retreat days 13 – 19: unplugged
for me, anyway.

i’ll miss my AM writing ritual + i’ll miss you all, but i’ll be back soon! ♥ thank you for all the support and love you have shown over the past few months — i truly appreciate it.

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