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October 8, 2011

happy saturday!
REALLY happy! because it’s beautiful out, i have a massage appointment, josh is off, and we have a wedding to attend tonight! i have no idea what our plans are for the day, but i plan on beginning things with a super-relaxed ‘long’ run [4 mi] and spending some time reading some of the almost-finished books on my nightstand [terribly bad habit].

i am a dork, but i have to admit i’m excited for this wedding in part because i bought my first maternity dress yesterday! i had a much better attitude this time around than at 10 weeks — i guess in part because i feel like it’s more normal to actually look pregnant at this point, and in part because i’m realizing that the body changes in pregnancy are immense and crazy and i cannot try to control them because i will fail.

i actually attempted to squeeze into my own anthro frock from 2 years ago [it has an empire waist and a stretchy back panel]:

it almost worked from the front, but kind of silly from the sides and i felt like the top was one deep breath away from bursting at the seams.

[PS: in case anyone was wondering, one of the reason i actually take pictures of myself like this is because we don’t have a full-length mirror!]

i am proud to say that instead of throwing a fit, this time i calmly stuck the dress in the back of my closet and headed to the mall. turns out: maternity dresses really do work better right now [and are 10 times more comfortable]. who would have thought!?

i splurge a little on this donna morgan dress. it looks pretty casual in this picture, but can also be dressed up [ie: for tonight] so i think it will be pretty versatile.

via a pea in the pod
impromptu dinner
josh actually finished work at a reasonable hour, so it was still light out when we headed down main street looking for dinner. we had the federal‘s pub menu in mind, but ended up going next door to sister restaurant james joyce, which features more irish fare.

distance: something like 0.2 – 0.3 mi

cost: $43 for all of the food shown below + guinesss x 2 [yep both josh] + tip

ambience: pub, but pretty relaxed when we arrived at 7:30. the waitress was very nice but did get kind of overwhelmed because i think she was covering the entire restaurant.

we started with some brie [pasteurized — i asked!], served with pear slices + soda bread. it didn’t truly taste like brie to me, but this cheese was good, especially with the pears — and we were hungry, which also helped.

for dinner, i chose a cup of vegetarian chili + a salad. i am happy to say that i’m actually CRAVING vegetables lately!

farmer’s salad included greens, red onions, tomatoes, pears, and parmesan in a zingy vinaigrette
neither item was mindblowing, but both were good. in fact, they tasted like they could have come out of my own kitchen — except i didn’t have to do any of the work. i’ll take it!

josh chose the shepard’s pie . . . and then followed it up with a second course of fries with curry sauce, because he was still hungry [amazing].

much more classic pub grub
in his defense, he often goes HOURS at work without eating — and by that i mean as many as 12. i have no idea how this is possible, as i would not be able to function like this — period. i get cranky if i have to miss a snack, let alone a meal.

happy saturday! fall fun abounds!

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