WIATh: volume 3

October 28, 2011

food bloggers are lucky
because you just don’t have to THINK that hard to write a food recap post! or at least, i don’t. in actuality, the food or HLBs that i love either feature:

✰ great content that is completely separate from the food [lately i’m loving the fitnessista]


✰ recipe after recipe that i want to add to my ‘to make’ list [an edible mosaic and the daily garnish come to mind]

once in a while, though, it’s fun to scroll through someone’s daily food intake — especially if it’s not an everyday thing. i can’t even tell you WHY that’s interesting to me, but it is. so hopefully, this post won’t be too boring to some of you!

previous pregnancy WIATh posts [“what i ate thursday”, for the uninitiated]: #1 and #2.

yesterday . . .

6 am:

the usual! ezekiel cinnamon-raisin english muffin + almond butter, with apple butter and a cinnamon-doused honeycrisp
10:45 am: scarfed between experiments

needs no explanation
12:15 pm: shown in ready-to-pack form . . .

last of the kale/potato/sausage soup from tues + a lazily packed accompaniment
6:20 pm: favorite study snack! yes, it was getting late, but i was not going to make it until dinner.

recycled photo of my favorite full-fat cottage cheese
8:00 pm: dinner

i was planning to make this sweet and sour shrimp for dinner, but i got a triumphant text from josh saying that he would be home at around 7. of course i KNEW that meant 7:30 or later, but for him these days that is EARLY! i also realized that it was our last free day together, as both of us will be attached to our pagers this weekend. and so, we decided to go out.

since i wasn’t craving anything in particular [and often i am!], i asked him to choose a dinner destination.

the federal it was.
the federal is a bar less than a quarter-mile from our doorstep, with great food [especially for a pub]. it can be quite crowded, but we managed to snag the last booth at around 8 pm. josh was talking about a burger, and while there are healthier options on the menu, that started to sound pretty good to me. in the end, i ended up ordering a cheddar burger while he chose a roast beef special!

HOWEVER. when the items came, we tasted each others’ choice — and i think both of us realized a trade was in order. i preferred the roast beef [on a chewy, crusty french baguette with grilled onions and provolone] and he was feeling the burger. after two bites of the burger, i handed it over and traded it for one of these halves:

objects are larger than they appear in this photo
SO good. it reminded me of a philly cheesesteak — but on better bread. i enjoyed it with salad and water [or 8% ABV scottish ale, in josh’s case].

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