7 things

November 22, 2011

1. !!!!!

smallest possible toms. if only they carried newborn size . . .
2. how is it thanksgiving in 2 days!? because we’re not traveling like we usually do, i keep forgetting about it altogether. i put myself in charge of dessert and now i’m getting nervous. i’m thinking pumpkin cheesecake [with gingerbread crust] and classic pecan pie.

pretty sure mine will not look as good as martha’s
3. um, we’re moving in less than 2 weeks. yes, it’s just down the hall, but still! ARGHGH!

4. wherever you go, there you are is inspiring, although i can’t seem to read more than 3 pages without falling asleep [i blame me, not the book]. i’ve heard many of the ideas before [‘wash the dishes to wash the dishes‘, for example], but some things are worth hearing more than once.

yes, just like that
5. OB appointment was fine. BP great. heartbeat loud & clear. weigh-in was once again a little traumatic, if i’m being honest — i’m now more than 10 lbs over the heaviest weight i have ever seen in my non-pregnant life. i was up 4.6 lbs from my last appointment 4 weeks ago, which is a little over the ‘1 lb a week‘ adage. so maybe i will give the pumpkin ice cream a rest. [but NOT the thanksgiving-day desserts. i would eat them even if i had to accompany them with a nice shot of insulin].

6. i’m feeling overwhelmed somehow already [i think i just need to sleep more.] i love this simple list of 55 ways to take care of yourself when you are really busy [from the freedom experiment via repsych. my favorite?

Brighten your day with colourful pencils and pretty stationary. It doesn’t have to cost much, but it will make a huge impact on your happiness – especially if you’re a stationary and design geek… (well, who isn’t?)

7. seriously, i can’t stop looking at these.

and i can’t help smiling every time i do.

off to get in my last ‘training’ run before the thanksgiving 5k!!



workout: 30 minutes elliptical, levels 8 – 10.

dinner: out with my lovely coworkers . . . to the cheesecake factory! i hadn’t been there in years and wasn’t sure what to expect, but my salad [with oranges, goat cheese, pecans, cranberries, avocado] was really good. as was the cheesecake we all shared.

spanish: check

reading: oops. i need to get my mojo back on this one. i guess maybe 21 days doesn’t really make it guaranteed automatic . . .

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