new day + 20 week update

November 15, 2011

sleep helps
. . . at least, i hope it does. i was pretty much a mess yesterday after ~ 6 interrupted hours of sleep. seriously, the pager won again and i ended up not going to a conference that i am supposed to attend only to collapse in a headache-y heap on the couch after work. tears, chocolate, and my very first baby apparel purchase finally calmed me down, but i just felt beaten by it all.

last night, i got to sleep for almost 8 [sooo close but foiled by a NICU page!] hours and i feel much, much better. and i started a new book last night, perhaps at just the right time:

can’t argue with that logic
i’ve been meaning to read this for ages, and after receiving it from paperbackswap not so long ago, i’m finally delving in. pre-baby is probably perfect timing, especially since i’m holding out until week 30 or so to dive into parenting/newborn care classics.

and speaking of newborn . . .
i’m [sort of] HALFWAY THERE! not really, because i think counting the first 2 weeks before ovulation is just plain silly. but by the conventional numbering system i’m 20 weeks pregnant, and the journey is theoretically numbered up to 40. i’ll take it!

because of my terribly petulant mood yesterday, it only made me mad when everyone at work commented on my enlarging silhouette. but it’s true: i have popped.

front . . .

and side

you know those lanky women with a barely detectable bump at this point [one leggy model’s example]? so not me. i am thinking that it’s because at 5’1″, there is just less real estate for the same, uhh, property development. or maybe i’m growing a 10 lb megababy. guess we’ll find out in approximately 4 1/2 months.

i’m going to go the easy route and throw in my answers to the typical “weekly update” questions i’ve seen on the blogs of other pregnant ladies.

how far along?: 20 weeks!

how big is baby?: on average, 10 inches long and 10-11 oz. i will be interested to find out my fundal height at my next OB visit [monday], but i’m not sure i’m going to get any real idea about size until she makes her debut.

weight gained: about 9 lbs up from prepreg. weight, which is pretty average and normal. that’s what i’m going for in this realm!

how i’m changing?: i feel like i’m growing DAILY at this point and when i feel for the top of my uterus i’m always amazed at how high it is getting. i’m a little more tired, but i think that’s the pager, not the baby.

what i miss: going to be completely honest here . . .
— wine
— caffeine
— japanese straightening [i think i’m going to suck it up and wait the 4.5 months to have it done. normally i’d be going right around now, and i think my hair is going to start to drive me insane within the next month. bring on the flat iron. . .]
— vacation! i want to take a week off and go on a trip. not happening until august 2013.

symptoms?: i feel hyperemotional and needy [seriously — reaching new heights even for an already HSP]. other than that, not much, other than what is related to my growth [running is slower, balance feels a little off, getting up from a chair is already more of a workout].

cravings?: not really! and i sort of miss them.

highlights this week?: consistently feeling her MOVE! i love it when she gently reminds me of her presence while i’m sitting in a meeting. it seems that she responds well to chocolate. and i swear she kicked in approval when i clicked ‘purchase’ on her first little pair of shoes.



workout: 30 minute prenatal vinyasa yoga session. i wasn’t any more zen by the time i finished, but i’m a little sore this morning.

dinner: there was no chance of cooking — amy’s pizza worked as our usual monday night fare.

espanol: check. AND i translated ‘cama’ for a nurse today!!! [it means bed].

reading: negative. new policy: i am exempt from studying when on overnight call. seriously, enough is enough.