weekday entropy

December 23, 2011

riding the roller coaster
sometimes i feel like i spend the weekend diligently organizing/cleaning/setting up our lives, and then the week happens, and

3D model of an exploding supernova by some very smart people
in the midst of the mess, i lose energy and motivation and i just don’t breathe as easily. i find myself in a sulky holding pattern, just waiting for the next break so that i can rebuild everything again.

but the cycle can be broken: i just spent the last hour cleaning up the apartment and MAN, it felt good. i didn’t get anything else accomplished this morning, but the kitchen is clean, my desk is clear, our bedroom is serene, and even my work bag is organized and free of clutter. i feel so much more ready to get on with the day. and i can honestly say that i feel happier!

note to self: do this more often.

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