27 week update

January 4, 2012

no news is good news
i think my last update was at 24 weeks, although there is obviously no shortage of baby-related banter around this blog these days.

so anyway, i’m getting pretty pregnant.

again with the workout gear — i swear i wear real [maternity] clothes, too! i’m not sure this picture even gives justice to the bump’s current massive state, but i promise: it’s sizeable.

there’s some debate as to when the 3rd trimester actually begins, but according to this calculator, i’m now there based on 2 of the 3 definitions. i say it counts!

the rundown
symptoms: i definitely wouldn’t say i’m miserable, but i no longer feel like the energizer bunny i did in the early second tri. i am starting to have back pain pretty regularly [sometimes shooting – ouch] and i sleep horribly [and YEARN to sleep on my back! arghgh!]. i have had a few annoying nosebleeds, too.

physical changes: my uterus is TAKING OVER. it has become quite firm and is disturbingly veiny [NOT publishing any picutres!]. i have so much fun playing with baby’s various body parts when i’m lying quietly – she’ll stick a hand or foot out and i can gently push it back in. i never realized how much you could see/feel from the outside!

name: chosen, i think! but still subject to change, potentially, so i won’t be sharing it here until she’s born 🙂

weight gained: ~15 lbs. this puts me on track to gain likely somewhere between 25 and 30 total [the recommended range is 25 – 35], and i would be really happy with that.

workouts: yep, still running! i have slowed down considerably, though. interestingly, i haven’t really had issues with the belly feeling like it’s bouncing around too much — the limiting factor now is just my stamina [breathing-wise] and sometimes my back. i am currently running for 3 miles outside at somewhere between 10 and 11 minute miles. on the treadmill, i cover slightly less ground in 30 minutes [with 1% incline on the whole time].

i don’t run on back-to-back days — instead, i hit the elliptical 1-2x/week and aim for 1-2 days of either weights of yoga [usually it’s more like 1]. things like lunges have definitely become far more challenging with the added weight.

cravings: nah. i feel like i just eat a lot, but that’s probably to be expected! i don’t even miss the forbidden foods that much, although i would like to eat a bagel with smoked salmon post-delivery. just putting that out there.

thankful: i feel like i’m complaining so much above, but i’m just trying to paint an accurate picture! overall, i think i have been incredibly lucky so far through this pregnancy. just a few things i am thankful for . . .

♥ #1 – that the baby is still inside me. and alive & kicking [literally].

♥ no abnormalities or complications so far. the next hurdle is my glucose test which i will be getting at over 29 weeks — on the late side, but hopefully okay!

♥ no swelling so far. my rings + shoes are still fine. and yes i still wear heels!

♥ my energy level is still pretty decent so far — sometimes i walk around and forget that i’m carrying another person inside of me

♥ my maternity clothes all still fit fine — for now.

♥ both sides of the family have been so supportive and incredibly generous with love, excitement, and amazing gifts already! i have official showers coming up this month [in miami] and in february [here]. so much fun.

♥ your advice so far! absolutely LOVE getting first-hand info from the mom-trenches about baby equipment, time-saving strategies, magical baby-whispering techniques, etc. THANK YOU!

coming soon to the US
murakami movie!

norwegian wood was my murakami “gateway book”, and i’ve read almost all of his novels since. this came out in japan in 2010, but i’m looking forward to the US release.



workout: it was FRIGID cold [and still is], so i decided to hit the gym. 30 minutes on the treadmill at 5.5 mi/hr, 1% incline; 2 minutes walking to cool down. it still wasn’t full for january!!

mark bittman’s farroto
i was originally supposed to make this rather labor-intensive recipe on monday night, but things got switched around for the sake of freshness [ie: using up raw chicken].

turns out i have more time to cook elaborate dinners when i am avoiding the internet! and the outcome was worth it — smooth and creamy, with a nutty bite from the farro used in place of traditional arborio rice. i used kabocha squash instead of butternut which seemed to work well.

served with a side of roasted brussels sprouts
recommended for an evening when you have time to leisurely stir the risotto pot!

spanish: check — and i don’t think i forgot everything [just a little]. we had a spanish speaking patient today and i almost was brave enough to say a few rudimentary phrases while waiting for the interpreter. almost.