44 minutes

January 6, 2012

friday morning ritual
for the third week in a row, i sat down to my usual daily discipline — and then decided that the mess in our apartment was TOO MUCH to ignore.

and then i cleaned it up. and magically, i feel like a whole new person starting a much better day.

the weekly slide: our typical pattern
monday: woohoo, new week! things start out on the up-and-up. things are kept straight. to-dos get done. dinner is usually something easy, because we have our grand rounds that evening, but it’s always a proper meal and the kitchen is clean afterwards. i do often take a rest day because my weekends tend to be more active, and something about the earlier wakeup call does make me a little tired.

tuesday: still going strong. i usually run in the morning. i am efficient at work, catching up on lots of loose ends [monday tends to be a bit too frantic for this]. dinner is something good — like this week’s farro risotto [yum]. things stay organized, for the most part

wednesday: doing all right. work is fairly smooth sailing. i still typically go about my usual morning routine, with a workout, spanish practice, etc. dinner tends to be something easier [or leftovers]. but i’m starting to get tired. the dishes may be washed, but not necessarily put away. mail starts to pile up on my desk. sometimes [if i’m smart], i go to bed early.

thursday: admittedly, i’m starting to get tired of the daily grind by most thursdays. it’s not that i don’t like my job; it’s just that the early wakeup call, being “on” and pleasant for the work day, and the prospect of coming home and cooking dinner starts to seem like an insurmountable task [after all THE DISHWASHER ISN’T EVEN UNLOADED!]. i’m testier on the pager and the end doesn’t seem like it’s in sight [especially if i’m slated for call over the weekend or on overnight!]. if there is a day of the week when all my systems start to fail, it is thursday.

sometimes watching the previous night’s episode of our favorite show provides a much-needed escape
friday: by the end of the week, i’m sort of over it all and ready to start again. luckily, friday is often my clinic day and i really love the change of pace provided by the outpatient schedule. plus, i’m at the point where i actually know a fair number of my patients pretty well, and it makes for a really fun experience. but the morning is usually terrible because the apartment has usually fallen into an impressively sad state of disarray, and i hate going into the weekend living in — and therefore feeling like — a cluttered mess.

so: my newest addition to the weekly cycle has been a friday morning cleaning session. today in exactly 44 minutes i was able to clean the kitchen, including the disgusting floor [okay, i didn’t do a good job, but it’s BETTER], make our bed, clean up any random clothes/items lying around, and get my desk surface back to the relative state of serenity that i crave:

and now it’s off to run, with a clear mind and a much better attitude. definitely 44 minutes well-spent!



workout: none. josh and i headed to work together [i had taken my car in for routine service] which meant getting to work at 6:45 am. it was actually quite productive but left me sapped, and there was NO WAY i was working out upon returning home.

dinner: cereal is starting to become a thursday night classic. not sure how i feel about that.

everything else: nah. although i am still doing well with my january resolution!

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