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February 16, 2012


48 days left until my due date. [though this means 55 days until i believe i actually will deliver.]

27 days left until i reach term.

13 days left until i could conceivably take my baby home from the hospital after delivery! [at duke, the minimum gestational age is 35 weeks, with a weight cutoff of 2 kg].

3 weekends off until my due date [not including this weekend, which is going to be crazy]

this means:
✔ i should probably get on that car seat installation

✔ i need to get on with my baby-related reading! [perhaps a break from 1Q84 is warranted]

✔ i may have to lower my babyprep expectations a little. accept that vail really was our babymoon. be okay with just occasional prenatal yoga. etc.

we are definitely running out of space in the apartment and also in our BED — especially because my personal pillow count has risen to 3+ [it used to be 0] and josh has at least 3 more arranged carefully to protect his leg. but the most annoying space constraint lately has been INTERNAL:

as in, my stomach is completely squashed. i have been carrying pretty high since my bump first appeared [aww, cute], and have consistently measured slightly ahead, despite the lack of real estate on my 5’1″ [on a good day] frame.

this phenomenon has brought with it a cadre of annoying symptoms:

◼ reflux galore. luckily, i don’t have any burning pain with this — but it’s still disgusting and unpleasant

◼ a normal-sized lunch now feels like an 8-course feast. i’m wondering if this is what gastric banding feels like . . .

◼ lack of normal hunger cues

putting all of this together, it explains why my weight gain has been especially sluggish over the past few weeks. hopefully the baby is still piling on the appropriate insulation [feels like she is — her kicks and movements are anything but small and dainty]. anyway, i think i need to be more proactive about snacking and just eating more frequently in small amounts to avoid the discomfort and get in the necessary nutrition.

thankfully breakfast hasn’t seemed to be a problem!

one more thing
i know some of you are fans, while others laugh at this unitasking contraption:

baby wipes warmer: yay or nay? DISCUSS!

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