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November 4, 2012

several of you have inquired about my upcoming running plans.   i was going to write a jazzed-up post about training for a 5K — i’d like to break 24 minutes, and then strive for under 23 [my pre-baby PR is 22:53].  i really do enjoy the challenge of a 5K, even if i think i’m probably more suited to longer distances.  plus, the training is really fun – a balanced mix of easy / tempo / intervals / long, except the ‘long runs’ don’t really have to be terribly long.

EXCEPT, it turns out that i am not 18 anymore . . . or even close.  and doing backflips on trampolines?  no longer a good idea [though i maintain that it was really, REALLY exhilarating and fun].  i’ve been fighting [and denying to myself] some back pain since that evening, and after a painful run on thursday* i am now forced to admit that i am injured.

i think it’s just a muscle strain and i will be hitting the chiropractor on monday — i have a really good one that i saw previously, and i’m hoping that he can work some magic on me once again.  hopefully i won’t be out of the game for too long, but i am guessing that i will be unable to run for at least a week — maybe more.

✔ and therefore, my time management challenges are going to get easier — at least temporarily!  a silver lining, perhaps?  in line with many of your suggestions, i am going to try to simplify and further streamline my evening routine.  specifically, i am planning on:

— only making baby food once weekly [and buying some organic jarred baby foods to throw into the mix.]

— making dinner prep even easier.  i’d like to rely on leftovers twice/week, and will plan on making something super easy/from the freezer on another night.   i’m considering getting a slow cooker — so many of you seem to love yours!

— ensuring that i spend at least a few minutes each evening doing something FOR ME.  a walk, some yoga, a brief reading session, or if i really have extra time, even a DVR’d TV episode — just something so that i get that feeling of relaxing and clearing my head at the end of a busy day.  i need this.

— planning for one ‘night off’ per week – where dinner = leftovers and there’s no planned workout.

i have decided that my next child needs to be a girl.  because i am OBSESSED with annabel’s wardrobe and cannot deal with the idea of letting go of her outfits once she grows out of them.

baby boden pretty cord dress

and on that note, i’m the last person on earth to join pinterest — but i can already see the allure.

* so, when something hurts during running?  YOU SHOULD STOP.  i know this, and yet i never, ever do it. when will i ever learn!?!?

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