6 off the top of my head

January 25, 2013

1. sometimes i feel like i’m just too focused on getting through the day rather than savoring it — or even just experiencing it.  really, what is there to get through anyway?  ‘the day‘ is all we have.  life is just a sum of days [and who knows how many].  and most of the time, it’s pretty amazing.

2.  operation slowdown is still going on full force.  when i remember, that is.  and when i do, it really does make things better.

3.  annabel is seriously a DELIGHT right now.  she is so happy.  she is sleeping!  she ate TOFU for part of her dinner tonight.

4.  i have a cold [as do josh and annabel].  of the three of us, i will freely admit that i am coping the worst.  probably because i am annoyed about missing my training runs* in addition to being annoyed about the ridiculous congestion and such.

5.  two wonderful child-focused blog posts i read today, both in neighboring raleigh:

dear baby
carrots and sauce

6.  two recent dinners from the january plan:

the first was amazing but took some time; the second was super-easy but still solid healthy fare.

[with a wild/brown rice blend]

6.  still waiting on that whole JOB thing [and only slowly going crazy].  and the house sitch got a little more complicated, too.  hoping they will both work out.

* i probably could eke out some lame and slow mileage but i have a pretty strict policy about not running while sick.  it’s miserable, always feels SO hard, and i can’t imagine that it has any sort of positive effect on my fitness.  so, rest it is.

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