feb: let’s recap

February 28, 2013

what. a. month.
over the course of the past 27 days, i:

1.  spent the month on service.  and honestly — what a glorious 27 days it was.  it was very busy, but in such a good way.  the hours went by quickly.  the month went by quickly!  i was able to confirm that YES INDEED, i belong in the clinical realm.  and also that i’ve grown a lot over the past god-knows-how-many years of training — but have so much still to learn.

i’ve seen some really fascinating and some heartbreaking things.  i’ve worked lots of amazing people on all levels.  and i’ve mostly made peace with the pager.  i still wanted to throw it across the room at the end of last week’s 7-day stretch, but on the whole i think i’m slowly but surely improving in my general reactivity.

[note:  do not page someone at home at midnight with an ‘FYI’-type message.  if you need to wake me up, that is perfectly fine but there has to be some sort of need or question that requires an answer at that time.  THE END.]

this is what miss a thinks of midnight pages that start out ‘just wanted to let you know . . . ‘

2.  attended an amazing wedding.  pictures to come when i get some, but let me just list why last saturday’s wedding was pretty much THE BEST EVER:

— wedding day massages at a spa for the entire bridal party
— gorgeous ceremony featuring the bride in her hand-made [yes] dress.  so much emotion!
— chanel perfume as a completely unnecessary but oh-so-delicious gift for all of the ‘maids

my new trademark scent.  looooove this.

— absolutely amazing food and wine at the angus barn
— dancing and just so much happiness and celebration of life

[THANK YOU dr + mrs. s!]

3.  failed miserably at any and all february goals.
running has been meh.  though i’ve been learning-by-doing, studying has been nonexistent.  i’ve cursed an average of at least twice daily, including a couple of times in front of annabel [oops]*.  i haven’t cooked many masterpieces.  i did make an effort to improve my snacks/chocolate consumption, but then i discovered a previously hidden penchant for cafe mochas at starbucks [they have one at the hospital].

but — i still feel okay about myself, and ready to perhaps take things a little bit slower.  i am, for the most part, doing the best i can and making reasonable compromises.  while there’s plenty of room for tweaking, i am not going to consider myself a failure for not living up to arbitrary expectations — some of which were set before annabel was born.

oh look, a 0-mile week.  thank you, day care virus #827362.

4.  spent a considerable amount of time with URI symptoms.  please PLEASE, spring, bring more sunshine and fewer germs.  my immune system is tired, and so am i.

5.  signed and returned my contract for my Real Job, which tentatively begins august 12.  AHHH!  SO excited.  and a little terrified, but mostly excited.  i am not going to mention the specific location, but it is at a children’s hospital and i will be joining a good-sized group of awesome and inspiring pediatric endocrinologists.  there are med students, but no residents.  i will have a ~30-35 minute commute each way, which will be something to get used to — but i think we will be able to make it work, and that living right near family [and the hospital where josh will work] will be worth it.

on a related note, i’ve had to start telling clinic patients that i won’t be able to see them at the next follow up. this has been incredibly sad in many cases!  i’ve met so many wonderful kids + families throughout my time in fellowship and i will really miss them.

upcoming blog post topics:
weeknight mini-adventures [can we get out of the house?]
the current routine [what works / what doesn’t]
fantasy work wardrobe [current j crew obsession]
annabel update:  10-11 months
revamping my running goals [aka: speed over distance]
perhaps a few ‘what i ate wednesdsays’.  [i need motivation to mix things up a little.]
troubleshooting my study strategies
weekend getaway ideas
your suggestions welcome!

* yes, i will be paying up to the JDRF as promised.  i didn’t keep perfect track but estimate at least 2 slips/day.  i will give $75 to be safe.

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