january progress report: resolutions

February 1, 2013

[january resolutions]

1) AM routine.  

i think i did really well improving my morning routine this month.  in fact, by the end of the month i noticed that i wasn’t even paying much attention to the clock – i knew that if i got up and just did things relatively efficiently i could enjoy the time without worrying about rushing.  of course, this was aided by the fact that i was working in the lab with no official ‘start time’ most days — but i was out of the house before 8 almost every day.

i also did a pretty good job getting in workouts on most mornings.  if i start at 5, i can get in a run AND shower before annabel wakes up at around 6.  this is definitely the ideal arrangement for me, and i can’t even express how much i prefer finishing my workouts first thing.

2) studying daily. 

total fail.  i did spend a few evenings doing PREP questions but most of the time, i spent much more time dreading my study-time than actually diving into anything.  i am going to have to revamp this resolution for february.

my board exams are in november, and while that doesn’t sound terribly far away there is a LOT of material to cover.  the pediatric endocrine boards love esoteric details, so just being in practice doesn’t necessarily help.  while i’m a good test-taker in general, this is not an exam to take casually.  the $2000+ price tag is also a pretty strong motivation to pass the first time.

3) flossing

100%!  31/31 in january.  starting to feel like a matter of routine – yay!  i can’t get lackadaisical though — i’ve done this before only to quit in march.  i made a strategic dentist appointment for march 5.  must . . . keep . . . flossing 🙂

coming up this weekend:  february goals

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