sunday lessons: 88/940

December 16, 2013

weekend rundown:

1 great saturday AM run
1 relaxing [and overdue] pedi
80 degree weather, both days
last [maybe?] holiday shopping run
date night with k + m [formerly known as dr s], who were in town to visit relatives — and us, of course!
yes, that’s bacon as a bar snack.  happy belated bday to josh!
1 amazing babysitter [thank you tia rachel!]
2 very abbreviated lame-o naps for annabel
1 day of sleeping in for each of us 
1 jerkface who stole our credit card number and charged ~$1500 over the past 3 days
basically, things were going swimmingly this weekend until sunday afternoon.  annabel coughed herself awake from her nap — sooooo not her fault, but also not ideal at just 40 minutes in.  during said nap, i had realized that there were multiple fraudulent charges on our visa card — always a violating feeling.  ugh!
ANYWAY.  i was thisclose to losing it, but when i went into a’s room [after a solid but failed attempt at waiting for her to calm herself down] she was standing up with her arms outstretched and was just so endearing and beautiful with her wet eyes and bed head.  and i remembered something i had read about earlier:  that there are only 940 weekends with each child at home, counting from birth to age 18.  and that assumes that both parent + child are healthy enough to spend those 18 years together, which is something i try not to ever take for granted.

in annabel’s case, a whopping 87 are already gone.  and, despite my initial annoyance, i realized that i truly did not have ANYTHING pressing to do — certainly nothing more pressing than spending time with a, who is rapidly growing up.  i reframed the situation and began to appreciate that i had been handed a gift of a full afternoon with my not-so-baby girl.  i also thought about how annabel had only 9 [or fewer] likely weekends as an only child.
and with these thoughts i was done with bemoaning her short nap.  we read and played and then she swam with her daddy, and the afternoon turned out to be a lovely one.  
just wish i was in some of these pictures [not-so-subtle note to josh 🙂 ]

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