5 on friday – 1 day late

November 16, 2014

1) Podcasts of the week:  I listen to a lot of podcasts on my commute.  This past week’s highlights were:

Freakonomics: Why do people keep having children?
Sound OpinionsBroken Bells
Michael HyattMy top ten favorite books of all time

2) YNAB:  As Katie astutely noticed in the corner of the picture from Wednesday’s post, we’re giving YNAB (You Need A Budget) a try.  We’re just doing the free trial right now.  We are fairly responsible with money (I think) but I want to be a lot more organized and purposeful about savings goals.  I am also hoping the program will give us the ability to spend with confidence on things we plan for (home improvements . . . fall boots . . . you know, the essentials).

3) Half marathon training is going — well, not exactly as planned.  I’m definitely still running, but have not been sticking to the plan I initially laid out.  This was last week (Nov 3 – 9):

M: 5 miles around neighborhood, 9:22/mi (first run back after being sick)

T: 3 miles in Sanibel with Josh, 9:16/mi

W: 4 miles in Sanibel with Josh, 9:43/mi

T: Off (although some biking, ~8 miles on bike?)

F: 4 miles in Sanibel with Josh, 8:58/mi

S: 45 min barre class (LIVE one!) at Flybarre.  (It was SO hard for me but I loved it!)

S: 5 miles on treadmill super slow (was hurting), 10:00/mi

total = 20 miles + 1 barre class

No speedwork or anything — I had taken the prior week off (sick) and just didn’t feel like it on vacation!

4) Ana and I just finished the same book — Where’d You Go, Bernadette?.  I thought we were officially twins until I found out she got the rec from me (I must have mentioned it before 🙂 ).  It was a fun, well-written book — I definitely recommend it.  I’m not sure what’s going to be next — I kind of like alternating non-fiction with fiction, but another novel sounds tempting too . . .

5) I officially got caught up from vacation — emptying my work inbox at the end of the day on Friday.  It was a rather stressful week catching up but that clean EPIC queue feels so good.

Currently enjoying a rather simple chill weekend with both kids (Josh is working).  So far it has been really nice.  C is asleep.  A is headed to bed in a minute (she’s watching her one allotted Mickey at this moment).  I’m drinking some red wine and waiting for takeout delivery.  Long run + Annabel’s swim class tomorrow!

2 monkeys eating bananas

in Anna braids

I feel lucky.

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