1/2 marathon report

January 28, 2015

I ran my half marathon on Sunday.  It was my third long race post-A, but my first since having C.  I ran nearly 9 minutes slower than my PR (pre-babies) but I beat my previous post-A times.  And it was great!

The race was on a beautiful and fun course through parts of Miami and Miami Beach.   We crossed two long bridges that I’ve only driven over, which was really fun.   And by some magic, the weather was more NC than FL.  53 degrees!  I actually wore a running jacket for the first 7 miles, although I was rather overheated by that point.  I stopped to pose for a family photo somewhere in the middle of mile 9.


By the end, I still had some gas in the tank and actually ended up running my fastest miles.  This means I probably could have been a little more aggressive, but then it might not have been so enjoyable.  And it really was.

splits on MMR
total race time = 1:55:18
(but the distance was really 13.1 mi, not 13.47 
obviously, so the splits are a bit inflated.  sadly!)

don’t look so worried, mr c!

For those of you wondering how I handled race nutrition paleo-style, I didn’t.  Pre-race I ate my usual pre-long run banana + sunflower seed butter, but during the race I chugged a few oz of Gatorade at miles 4, 7, 10, and 12.  I figured that for a race, it made sense.  

SOOOO, now of course I want to run more, but I am going to force myself to diversify my workouts a little and work at getting faster at shorter distances.  This probably means barre, yoga, and 5K training.  In an ideal world, I’d probably lift weights but . . . in all honesty I probably won’t.

In other news, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the season of life right now.

A&C are growing up.  He’ll be 1 in less than a month, and she will turn 3 in April.  C isn’t walking yet, but tears around at warp speed, crawling and cruising.  He’s all into whatever Annabel is doing, with an interest I didn’t expect this young (i.e., he cannot help himself from demolishing any structure she’s building).   A is in full-on threenager which is . . . more than slightly challenging at times.  I am working hard at being more present when I’m with them (and all the time, really) and sometime I think I’m making progress.

I have more to say on the latter topics, but A’s Clubhouse time is coming to a close.

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