July 16, 2015
I’ve been wanting to write more posts lately, but somehow keep getting sucked into other things instead — and not necessarily positive or productive things, either.  And I keep ruminating over various blog-related questions.  Things like:  what exactly do I want this blog to be in my life?  How many posts are too many, or too few?  How much do I want to share?  Of my life . . or of the kids’ lives?  How seriously do I want to take it — is it a hobby?  Professional stepping stone/business endeavor?  Side gig?  Do I want to try to build writing into my daily routine, like I did for years pre-kids?  Do I want to hire someone to make it look pretty (and less 2000-and-late)?  Is it even worth the time I spend on it currently?

All important questions.  

And perhaps we’ll get to them in time, but perhaps today I’ll just post a few random updates instead, each of which could easily be a full post, but won’t be today.

1) Thoughts on 3.  UMMM.  I find age three very challenging.  A is so sweet, so interesting, so verbal.  She makes up great stories and is so kind to her brother.  She is creative and spunky and just a ton of fun.  Most of the time.  Other times she is moody and as stubborn as all get-out.  “I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING YOU SAY, MOMMY!”.  How do you get a kid into time-out if they physically just . . . won’t?  

Being tired and transitions (time to: go to bed, go home, get into bath, get out of bath, etc) seem to be her hot spots.  However, I’ve tried the multiple warnings technique (“5 more minutes at X, then Y”) and this doesn’t seem to help much.  Advice welcome.

Oh, and sticker charts work sometimes.  Until they don’t.  

2) Thoughts on wasting time.  SIGH.  This is always (always!) the bane of my existence.  I’ve never been awash in free hours, but I still tend to feel like I fritter away the ones that I do have, even though in theory the scarcity should make them all the more precious.  Posting here has never felt like a waste of time to me.  Facebook almost always does. (The click-bait!  The comparisons!  The FOMO!  The crazy opinions!) I might really (really) quit for a few months to see how a FB-free existence feels.  Notably, for me, I do not feel that FB really aids in keeping any meaningful connections, either.  If there is someone that I am *only* interacting with on FB — well, there’s probably a reason.

3) Thoughts on Thursday night:  I finally have some actual plans that aren’t just . . . charts!  Headed out to do a little post-work shopping and then to dinner with a friend at The District.  I am determined to make Thursday evenings a fun and rejuvenating part of the week and I am already excited for tonight (Madewell and Anthro both appear to be mid-sale, so yay!).

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