Thanksgiving weekend highlights

November 29, 2015
It has been a lovely weekend.
Wednesday night:  I came home from work a little early (yay!) and we headed out to a family dinner at Tony Chan’s Water Club.  Josh wasn’t able to come and tried to meet up just as A&C were melting down.  Honestly, this was a borderline disaster.  One of those family traditions they just weren’t ready for.  But I have high hopes for next year . . .
Thanksgiving:  We went to TWO Thanksgivings — the HUGE one that Josh’s grandmother hosted, which was bittersweet since it was the first since his grandfather passed last April.  This is always an enormous event, and this year was no exception with 72 place settings.  (All with assigned seating, as per tradition).  The kids had a great time, and then Cameron got sooooo tired so we went home and let him pass out before Tgiving #2 at Josh’s aunt’s house.  
Friday:  Family swim time (yep outside, this is why we live here), and then another solid nap for tired C followed by a family party in South Miami (i.e.: far) and then Cousin Dinner out at The Continental (babysitter with the kids).  So many traditions being solidified as our generation really grows up and expands.  
Saturday:  More swim time, C nap, playground, and family pizza night at our house.  Which I have decided is now a new Thanksgiving weekend tradition, since clearly we need more of those . . . 
Sunday:  Kites and a picnic lunch, followed by C nap (now) and later the park.  
Other highlights
Annabel watching Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning every day during C’s nap time 
9 mile long run, partially on the beach (today) + longest weekly mileage for a while (27)
Feeling utterly disconnected from work in a really refreshing, much-needed way
Bonding with C especially who I feel I do not get to snuggle enough sometimes 🙁
Excited to enter the month of December for lots of contemplation, appreciation, and yes — planning the near year up ahead
yes C wore pants to Thanksgiving but this was during ‘getting ready’

pretty much sums up the weekend

we’ll have to work on getting a decent family photo someday
(this isn’t it!)

kite fun — always a win

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