Trunk Club Follow Up / VACATION

May 24, 2016

Wow and thank you for your feedback on my Trunk Club review post!  I especially enjoyed the debate over the patterned romper.  I sort of love that many of you think I could pull that off, but . . . it went back.  Josh literally burst out laughing when I came out in it (not a good sign) and I couldn’t think of one scenario that actually exists in my life where I would wear it.  Despite living in Miami Beach, I don’t make it ‘out’ much — yes, restaurants, book club, shopping, barre class, kids’ birthday parties — but not OUT out.  I am pretty sure I missed the phase of my life where I might have worn that romper, as I was too busy writing blog posts and training for races.  And finishing medical training.

And I am okay with that.

So, the romper went back.  I kept:

– the white jeans (I do think I will get a lot of wear out of them, and I am encouraged by the idea that I can bleach them out if when the kids spill things on them)

– the wrap dress (I actually brought it on my trip, and when I found myself wanting to pack it, I felt that was a good sign!)

– the Splendid tee

I am happy with this haul 🙂  For me, the service is about finding a few key pieces each season without having to do the work of hunting for them.  I don’t need much more for summer other than perhaps some shoes (mine are starting to fall apart) and maybe a couple of work pieces.

In other news — we’re on vacation!  Hence this mid-day post.  I’m on CA time so just hanging out in our inn waiting for breakfast and enjoying some coffee.  So excited to have 5 days to spend with Josh just resting, relaxing, and being a couple.

en route to wine country
Some highlight pix from before we left:
A’s first ballet recital (blurry – had to zoom & crop out other kids!)

Bday 🙂

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