Even More Updates (!)

July 26, 2016
1) No S.  A smart commenter pointed out that No S does not specify the number of meals.  An afternoon mini meal!  I love that idea.  To me, meal has the connotation of healthier food than does “snack”.  I really do think the structure and basic premise of No S is pretty genius, so this is one modification (if it even counts as a modification?) that sounds like it would work beautifully for me.  Going to try it.

2) Mattress.  We ended up buying a Casper.  I have no thoughts on it yet as we have not set it up yet.  We just got our new bed today (bye, finnicky IKEA bed frame!) and are planning on letting our Casper “off-gas” (apparently this is a thing?) before using it.  But I’ll let you know how it goes when we try it.  If it’s hot, it’s going back. 

3) Kids’ eating habits.  Woah, several of you had pretty strong reactions to the link in my last post!  I feel like I owe it to you all to freely admit that we have not figured it all out either, but I do think Brittany‘s ideas are sound.  My kids LOVE sugar (would probably subsist on it alone if left to their own devices) and A in particular has become somewhat picky (insists her pizza be plain, refused to try the delicious Indian takeout we had this weekend, etc).  So yeah.  I don’t think there are magic ‘right way’ rules either, but I believe in what she wrote.

4) Push up app.  I had a reader ask me about this – at the end of June I started with one of those “100 pushups” apps and am doing 3 pushup sessions per week.  Each session has 5 sets of pushups in escalating quantities; each set has 60-120 seconds rest in between.  When I started, session #1 was 5, 5, 6, 5, 3 = total 24.  Yesterday (session #12) I did 13, 14, 13, 11, 8 = total 59.  So it’s definitely helping!  I however have had to progress more slowly than the app suggested (repeated Week 2 and also Week 3 workout 1).  My goal is to do 100!  And to like my arms more 🙂


5) Dinner routine.  Typically I have been eating late-ish most nights, usually after the kids are in bed.  Our nanny gives them dinner and I come home right after they have finished at around 6 pm.  I am really kind of sad that Josh’s late schedule means that family dinners on most weeknights are not going to happen.  But maybe I should start eating with A&C.  I hate waiting until 9 to eat some nights — I end up going to bed like 45 minutes later (thankfully I do not have reflux).  The worst = waiting and then eating alone anyway, or eating 39823 snacks while waiting for him to come home and then not being hungry for dinner anymore.  I assume that at a certain age, most parents eat with their children (unless there are sports practices or other evening activities).  When does that typically happen?

this was tonight.  Seriously.

Multiple hands in MOMMY’s plate, which is the best plate obviously

(Side note = dinner was this strawberry chicken salad, served with farro.  SO GOOD!)

6) Shoes.  I got these two pairs at Cole Haan after much deliberation to replace the falling-apart (but comfy!) shoes I had worn to work every day for the past 3 years.  And now I have a blister.  Agh!  I am hoping that they just need some breaking in time?  

7) GTD/BUJO topics.  Oh man.  I have a post in the works on my fave tools (pens, paper, etc).  But I need more mental energy to write a post that does justice to my precious collection.  Somehow it feels easier to share via the Insta than writing out a full post, but I promise more will be coming.

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