time tracking challenge: day 1

September 13, 2016

I’ve decided to take part in LV’s time tracking challenge this week!  To keep myself accountable, I will post each day’s time log here.  I am practically high on life this morning because I can breathe through my nose!  Without medication!!!

There is nothing like getting over an illness to make you realize how well off you are the rest of the time.
(That said, I would looooove to go more than 30 days before my next cold.  Seriously.)

Insta of my analogue time tracker

Day 1: Monday 9.12
5:50 up, bills / filing / emails
6:50 Cameron up / get ready for work
7:15 Breakfast / catch up with our nanny
7:45 Commute while listening to All Songs Considered (new Sylvan Esso!)
8:30 Patients / calls / notes

12:00 Lunch with colleagues / friends
1:10 Patients
2:45 Quick break to write a blog post
3:15 Patients, calls
4:45 Order from Gap for kids (pants, long sleeve, etc – more for mosquito protection than weather!)
5:10 Commute w/ podcast
5:45 Home; hang out with A&C
6:15 A begs to watch 30 minutes of TV and I relent
6:30 Josh home!  Dinner while they watch
7:00 Kids bedtime routine starts.  
8:00 C in bed; Josh still w/ Annabel so check Instagram and then some coloring* (while listening to Sylvan Esso again)
9:00 Upstairs w Josh
9:30 Sleep
* Yes I have caught onto this trend about 3 years late.  Have no idea why I waited so long.  


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