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November 3, 2016

2 days late?  Well, I did admit it was a rough weekend.

(last week of half pre-training!)

M – 4 miles with 2 at tempo pace.  Warmup 10:07/mi, tempo 2 mi 8:36/mi and then 8:17/mi, cool down 10:18/mi.  Average HR 169.  A cool 73F!

T – 5 miles easy, average 9:56/mi, HR ave 165.  75F.

W – barre3 weekly workout

R – rest

F – 6 mi easy, ave 10:35/mi, HR ave 161.  77F.

S – nada

S – nada again (yeah it was a rough week!)

Weekly meal plan:

M – salmon, sweet potato, green beans

T – steak & bleu cheese salad, terra chips

W – leftovers

R – hummus soup – really good!

F – leftovers

S – out

S – takeout.  again: ROUGH WEEK!

Note To Self: Walking Through Walls with Marina Abromovic.  She is just awesome!  I was almost motivated to go sit in a chair for 3 hours looking out a window.  (But not quite.)

Spawned: Things Not to Say to a Working Mom

This American Life: Seriously!?

Laura Burhenn: “Apples and Oranges

And with that, I’m spent.  As I mentioned . . . rough week.  But now we’re already halfway through a new one and things are looking up!  Perhaps a more exciting list next week.  Palate cleanser after the election, perhaps . . .

PS: US readers, vote!  I mailed my valuable Florida ballot 2 weeks ago, so all good here.

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  • Reply leebecknell March 10, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Yay for swing state voting! (Provided you voted for who I think you voted for!)

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