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January 11, 2017

Cameron is approaching 3.  It’s probably time for him to leave diapers behind, at least in the daytime. I don’t particularly want to write anything in vivid detail, lest his elementary school classmates find this post someday and taunt him with it (although kids – you all know you potty trained at some point, too, so what’s the big deal!?).

BUT.  I will disclose that nope, he’s not on the accelerated track in this department.  He’ll be 3 in a month (WHAT) and has yet to have his first successful uhh, bathroom episode.

I’m definitely not going to push it.  However, at some point, I’m probably going to have to move onto less subtle tactics — i.e. letting him experience more accidents.  I blame diapers and their soft, cottony comfort.  I honestly don’t remember much dread (on my part!) when Annabel was going through this.  She seemed much more interested in meeting this milestone, which is kind of funny because you’d think he’d want to be grown up to keep up with his big sister.  But maybe he’s just used to being the baby . . . and we’re all being played.


Anyone else have a kid at this age who is just . . . not that into it?  He’s so into being independent in pretty much every other way, so I’m wondering if he just doesn’t physiologically ‘get’ it yet?  Of course boys tend to lag behind girls in this realm, but man.  3.

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