breathing again

January 21, 2017
Don’t mind me, just repeating my Word of the Year.  I will admit I have been avoiding news.  I just can’t take it.  I don’t feel like I have enough power to make change (dangerous if we all believe this, I know) and the negatives of feeling horrified every time I read another piece of news currently outweigh the benefits of being ‘informed’.   I do not want to keep my head in the sand for the long haul, but . . . I am tempted.
There is a Women’s March in Miami tomorrow (one of many locations, of course) but I don’t feel comfortable bringing the kids, so I am not going to go.  Our JCC had a bomb threat this week.  Cows are eating skittles.  I just . . . can’t take anymore.
I will however make a donation at the end of this month to causes that I support.  
We have a busy weekend.  I am going to try to breathe, enjoy family, and remain in the moment.  Because really that’s all we can count on.  Especially now.

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