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November 8, 2017

Several of you asked about the Household Summit Josh and I held this past weekend, when our kids were away having childcare.  This was sort of a mini-summit, since we were both on call.  We weren’t talking about big big BIG picture things (as we’ve done on some trips away from the kids, typically!), but more focused on the next 12 months.

OMDG asked who planned the agenda.  Short answer:  me.  Yep, there’s that “mental load” thing.  However, I’ll be completely honest — it took about 5 minutes.  Lately Josh has been taking care of a ton of really annoying stuff (buying new car / selling old car!) so if “mental load” is what is left . . . I’ll take it.  Plus, when it comes to planning, a) I happen to like it and b) I happen to think I’m pretty good at it.  So, yep.  It was my agenda and idea to have the meeting.

How often do we do these?
No set time.  I think quarterly is about right, with maybe one yearly BIG PICTURE version (asking the huge questions like: are we in the right location, right jobs, right # kids . . .*).

Is it okay if the kids are home?
Honestly our kids zone out SO HARD when they watch a movie that a movie night would have worked just fine.  That said, I think much more clearly in the morning (we did our summit around 10 am I think) so the fact that both kids were out of the house during the day was key.

How long did it take?
A little over an hour this time.

What did you discuss?
Here’s our agenda:

The calculations on the right = my figuring out how many weekends per year we’d be on call total (approximately 17/52 or 1/3 for 2017 – not terrible, not amazing).

We first went through the 2018 calendar (I had printed one from timeanddate) and looked at all of the trips / conferences / events coming up, to facilitate requests as to when to be on call (or really . . .when NOT to be on call!).  We talked about things like my preference that Josh NOT take call on Mother’s Day weekend – seriously, that’s the WORST!

We also discussed vacations.  Always a fun topic though the logistics of traveling with 3 makes me cringe a little . . . we’ll see!

Home improvement ideas were thrown around – I honestly never really care much about this, so it’s mostly Josh’s purview.  Our typical scenario: he names 93347 projects that would be great and I remind him that we can afford like 2 of them πŸ™‚

Aaaand we finished with the sad acknowledgement that despite it being on our to-do list for all of 2017, we still need to do our wills / power of attorney stuff.   Maternity leave perhaps?

So, that was it!  Nothing earth shattering but absolutely necessary to aid with planning the next year — something we are forced to do in advance due to call schedule requests, but I think it would be helpful in any household.  Other things we have discussed at other times but not this one:

– kid-centered issues (this one wasn’t really about that)
– budget stuff (both the day-to-day and long-term investment-type stuff)
– whether we are happy with current routines / work/life situations / etc

So that’s our Summit!  It probably sounds more impressive than it is.  I imagine there will be a time when our summits have some kid involvement too, though I think the adults-only part will still be a necessity (they probably don’t need to hear about things like taxes and home repairs even if they’d like to weigh in on vacations).

This was a fun episode πŸ™‚
We’re almost at 50,000 downloads (!!!) and have some very very VERY exciting guests coming up.  (seriously – like I am in fangirl mode already and we haven’t even recorded yet).  But this was a fun cozy one, as are the next few!

Laura and I discuss FOOD – specifically the logistics of getting food on the table for busy families.  She has a great round up post on her blog – check it out.  I gave a shout-out to some of my favorite blog inspirations for dinner ideas (oddly not pure ‘food blogs’), including A Healthy Slice of Life and LagLiv.  

Ana noted she is trying to avoid countdown mode, but I honestly can’t help it when I’m on call. I just enjoy the rest of my life so much more πŸ™‚  Maybe it’s okay to count down in certain cases . . .
I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – just 2 days left, plus call for Thanksgiving (4 more) and then . . . none for a long long time.  Hooray!  I’m very excited for the weekend already:

Famle Tym is Happy!
(by Annabel)

* We had one of those in May of 2016 which ultimately led to baby #3 in 2017 πŸ™‚