weekend report / 36 week update

November 13, 2017
We did a lot this weekend – so much that I couldn’t bring myself to run this AM (wanted to, but truly felt too tired and at this juncture, I’m not going to ignore those kinds of internal pleas to get more rest!).
But despite fatigue, I can say it was one of those weekends I truly enjoyed.  I got in enough time for me (rested; did barre3; did some podcast prep – including one that we recorded today that had me in full-on fangirl mode – I hope it went okay!).  And we had a date night, which is always nice, and it had been a while!  But I also had a lot of fun with the kids.  I am learning over and over again that the keys are to DO SOCIAL THINGS and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.  These two things always work for me.  And both require at least a little bit of planning but soooo pay off.
– did barre3 workout/aforementioned podcast prep in AM; I told Josh he was in charge of kids
– 10:30 am – 4pm – marathon playdate (first at playground, then at their house/pool) – with a family I had meant to reach out to for some time, because their daughter is in K with A and their son is in Cameron’s preschool class!  It went really well overall and the kids had a blast. 
– date night – out for Indian (random craving?) and then we saw a community theater production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  Admittedly we only saw half of it – the first act lasted an hour and 45 minutes and I was sooooo tired / uncomfortable in my chair that I asked Josh if he wouldn’t mind leaving (he was fine w/ it).  But honestly, it was good!  And thought provoking – it was clearly a farce/satire sort of musical but still had glimpses of what it must have been like to be a working woman half a century ago.  And we were home so I could pass out before 11 pm, so I’m glad we bailed. 
– We were supposed to go to the Book Fair but I had misread the details and — as it turns out — the main portion of the fair is next weekend.  Luckily neither of us are on call then, either.  So with a blank-slate day in front of us and decent weather, I suggested the zoo.  For the first time, we trusted the kids enough NOT to jump out of one of those surrey-bike type things and we pedaled around for 2 hours and then hit the playground/splash area.  We tired them out so thoroughly that Cameron slept 4:30 pm until 5:45 am.  We tried to wake him for dinner (like tried pretty hard!) but it failed so . . . I guess he needed it.  Annabel also took a 2 hour nap and still went to bed just fine.  Wow.
new phone background!
baby giraffe!
loving everything
– I passed out at 8:30.  And I was off today (so I didn’t need to do my usual early AM workout/planning/etc!).  So C’s wakeup didn’t bother me one bit πŸ™‚
36 weeks:
My office threw me a HUGE shower complete with about 834723 baby outfits so this little one is going to be the best dressed ever despite my (futile) attempts at minimalism.  I also went through A’s clothes (some I had saved, and some a dear friend sent back to me!) so we have bags with outfits in each size — admittedly not all washed yet, but that will come.
it was QUITE a surprise honestly!  I did not think 3rd babies were supposed to get anything. . . I feel like I’ve already exceeded my official allotment of babies!
But it was lovely.
As I write this I’m 36 2/7 weeks.  And we are somewhat ready for a baby!  The bassinet came in the mail on Friday, and the Vitamin D drops arrived today.  @*$#!# is getting real.
At the zoo, taking an A/C break in the reptile exhibit.  It was hot!  But I survived.
For posterity (honestly, mostly for MY posterity as I love to look back at times like this!):
Symptoms: some nausea/random aversions at times but nowhere near first tri levels, starting to have some leg swelling/foot swelling when I sit for prolonged periods, TIRED
Rings: still wearing ’em.  For now.
Weight gained: 22 lbs.  I think my ‘final’ weight will be in a similar range for all 3.  And EVERY TIME I did the same thing – gain a ton first tri, then slow waaaaay down ending up with a lowish-but-normal total.   So if this is you – don’t panic.  
Workouts:  Still doing them – ran/walked 3 times last week + one barre3 prenatal session (Saturday).  All of my running was at 5mph on the treadmill last week, with walk breaks.
Last week:
M – 35 min, run 5 / walk 2 x 5
T – rest
W – 32 min, ran 10 / walked 2 / ran 8 / walked 2 / ran 10
R – rest
F – 30 min, ran 12 (1 mi!) / walked 2 / ran 13 (another 1.1 mi) / walked 3
S – prenatal barre3 (30 min)
Sun – zoo (lots of walking/biking on the surrey thing but no real workout)
Measuring:  Don’t know, my OB stopped measuring after the 34 week appointment.  And I have had only one U/S at 20 weeks.  I think my OBGYN is on the laissez-faire side (and I’m not necessarily so thrilled about that . . .) as I know I had a growth scan of some kind with both A&C!  
Impatience:  I’m not impatient in terms of discomfort but I am dying to know WHEN this baby will come, what she will look like, and honestly I have a little anxiety about never even seeing her face (she was blocking it at the 20 week anatomy scan with her hands) so I guess I just want . . . ANSWERS.  And concrete plans.  Which obviously at this point are an impossibility, but oh well!  3 weeks + 5 days . . . or less . . . or more . . . to go!  Will do another one of these at 38 weeks which will be THANKSGIVING weekend already.  How did that happen!?