wedding weekend

January 22, 2018

Some weekends are chill . . . 

This past one was not!  But it was filled with really good things: a rehearsal dinner, a wedding (Josh’s cousin, to a gorgeous woman that we all love), and a welcome party for Genevieve!  Plus ballet (for A), a kids’ museum bday party (I took all 3 kids), and 5 hours at the hospital for Josh.  
Due to these activities, neither Josh nor I had much time to ourselves this time around, but with all of the social time, things still felt balanced.  (At least to me.  He is an introvert but still appeared to be enjoying himself!).  Despite all of the partying*, I actually feel quite rested this morning — G ate at 2 and 5, and C came into our bed at 6:45 AM (his alarm clock light was GREEN as he informed us), but that’s still pretty good in our household.  
I have done very little today other than get organized for the new week and read a lot of The Shadow of the Wind (book club pick – didn’t love it initially but it’s growing on me) while nursing.  It has struck me that maternity leave is half over!  I’m probably supposed to be sad, but that actually sounds pretty lengthy and perfect to me at this juncture.  I feel fairly recovered and functional, but am here essentially because G needs me and because . . . well, when else CAN I be?  I think I will really enjoy the next 6 weeks.
my gorgeous growing girl!!

my Rent the Runway dress!  Worked out but no one saw it b/c I had G in the Ergo all night!
All of us were at the wedding and yet we failed to get a single pic?  Not sure how that happened . . .
At least I captured C in his tux.  And a messy floor . . and half of A photobombing

At her welcome party!

Being officially blessed.  We are not all that religious but this was really nice.
* It probably helps that we left each evening event by 9 pm.  I can’t take much longer right now, and neither can any of the kids.  Luckily parenthood has rendered me FOMO-less except for my own personal FOMO related to sleep.